The Return of Crochet

With the cancellation of festivals and vacations, we thought you could use a little pick me up and bring the vacay to you. Crochet is a popular choice in wardrobe, especially at Coachella, but that’s typically the only time we see it throughout the year. The art of crocheting has been around as early as the 1920’s, but we believe it gained even more popularity in the 60’s and 70’s. And even though it’s been around since then, it hasn’t fully cycled back. Based on runways and lots of inspiration via Instagram and Pinterest, we have a feeling this go-around might be it’s big comeback. Below are four ways crochet is returning to our closets!


Crochet dresses are the perfect beach attire! Whether you decide to wear them as a coverup or as a chic beachy look, they’re our go-to. Going for this look would allow for endless comfort and a way to keep cool in the heat.


A pretty standard crochet look is the sweater. Sweaters are always on-trend, but we have taken notice of more cardigans this spring and summer. They’re an ideal staple all year round, whether that’s a chilly night out or a cozy day in bed.

Matching Sets

These are our absolute favorite. Matching sets have paved the way these past couple of years, but we seriously cannot get enough. Much like the dress, they’re the perfect beach day accessory and are perfect for any summer look. Matching sets are the ideal #ootd when you’re going for something easy while looking put together.


Within recent years crochet has mostly been known for its comeback within the swimwear scene, and we’re not that mad about it. We’ve concluded after writing this that the crochet look is just meant to be paired with some palm trees and an ocean breeze. BRB, we’re booking our one-way ticket out of here!




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