The Importance of Drinking Water

I’m sure by now, after watching endless skincare Tik Tok’s and ignoring your constant reminders to drink water, you’re sick of it. Don’t take this as another way of telling you to drink water, but let us inspire you to be better about it! We are also super guilty of not hydrating enough throughout the day, but once that crash hits mid-afternoon, we wish we had. Water is the key to success, and that’s just facts. It helps us with our motivation and overall productivity. You can’t deny you wouldn’t be that boss babe you are if it wasn’t with the help of some water. Same goes for your overall health, which is why we created a list of helpful tips on why drinking water is so beneficial, but also some ways to make it a little easier!

Skin Health

We’re not here to lecture you on a grand skincare routine, but water should be your #1 product. It’s no secret that water helps keep your skin vibrant and healthy, but it also helps with the overall elasticity and youthfulness. Water is basically the fountain of youth if you ask us. You glow girl!

Nail Health

One of the worst feelings in the world is chipping a nail. It’s especially worse when it’s yours and not acrylic, but that’s beside the point. Believe it or not, water affects nail health too. Not only does water significantly hydrate your nails, but it makes them durable to where chipping is more preventable! Pro tip: drink water after getting your acrylics off to strengthen your nails. Or ditch the acrylics all together and let those beauties grow and be all-natural!

Physical Health

Now, the greatest one of them all – your overall physical health. Not only does water help detoxify and cleanse the body, but it also improves your energy levels. Don’t get me wrong, we still need a solid workout routine, but we’re hoping more water intake gives us the motivation to stay consistent! Aside from that, water helps rid of the B-word. Dare we say it – bloating.

Lemon Water

Lastly, we wanted to give you a fun way to hydrate! We know, we know. Every blogger on the face of the earth has recommended hot lemon water. But we’re telling you this works! (Disclaimer: In no way are we dietitians here at SAK but just wanted to share what we know.) From personal experience (and Google, lol), we can confidently say that hot lemon water in the morning helps aid in digestion throughout the day while also adding an extra oomph to skin health. Although, our best tip would be to use a straw if possible. Lemon and acidic fruits are not the best for your teeth, so use precautions on that end. You can even substitute for some of your other favorite fruits if you’d like. This one is just our fav and super easy! Give it a try. This is your sign if you’ve been looking for one. Sit back, relax, and hydrate!




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