The Best Sunglasses to Compliment Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect pair of sunnies can be tough. Whether you’re comparing prices, finding the style you like or seeing how versatile they are with your wardrobe. They’re our go-to summer accessory that protects from the sun, aids with anti-aging, and completes any look. So a good pair of sunnies is a must! Have you ever considered, you may be buying the wrong ones for your face shape? Yes, that’s a thing. That’s why we created this guide to help you make your next purchase with confidence!

To get the most accuracy, you’d want to start by measuring your face in three ways. First, there’s the cheekbone to cheekbone measurement just below your eyes. Then you’ll measure your jawline; from the bottom of the ear to ear around your chin. (Start writing these down if you haven’t already!) Lastly, you’ll measure from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. These measurements will help you determine which face shape you have!


With a square-shaped face, you most likely have even dimensions all around, which is why circular or round-shaped sunglasses are best suited for you. They accentuate your structured features while also giving your face a balanced and more symmetrical look.


Much like the square-shaped face, you’ll also want to do the opposite shaped lenses for a round face. Having a circular-shaped face comes with less structure, so angular/rectangle-shaped glasses are the most suitable for you. These shapes add a more defined look to your face, which can ultimately make it appear longer.


The rectangular-shaped face is similar to a squared face as far as angles go. However, they have a more elongated, elevated, and softer look. This shape allows oversized sunglasses to be more flattering on you. Wearing these oversized sunnies gives your face a more balanced look compared to other shaped lenses, and accentuates your angels even more.


This face shape is fuller at the cheekbones with a thinner and more angled jawline. When having a diamond face, you want to wear somewhat smaller shaped sunglasses to ensure they aren’t too wide in comparison to your cheekbones to help create a balanced and symmetrical look!


The heart-shaped face is also known as the triangle shape. It tends to be wider near the top of the head and angles down towards the chin. Since it’s a more angular look, much like the square shape, circular or round lenses are the most flattering and complimentary.




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