The Art of Accessorizing Swimwear

Swimwear isn’t typically thought of as a look that you can accessorize. Sure, we’ve seen mini trends here and there with cute accessories designed to show off at the pool. However, there are so many other options you have in your closet that are perfect swimwear accessories. Anything from simple to swim chic, we’re here to help!


Jewelry is the most basic but also the most necessary when it comes to accessorizing your swimwear. Our favorites are the layered dainty gold chains, but do you remember the body jewelry that was trendy a few years ago? Well, you can still make it stylish! This is the summer to be extra and show off your jewelry collection at the pool. The glisten of the gold will catch someone’s eye!


Other than good ole sunnies, hats are the best way to accessorize and protect your skin from the sun. The bigger, the better is a great way to look at it, but we can’t help but be obsessed with trendy bucket hats and beachy visors. You do you, girl!


We are still so pumped that scarves have resurfaced within the fashion world. They’re also one of our favorite ways to accessorize at the beach or even by the pool. Scarves are so versatile that you could wear the same one repeatedly but switch up how you style it. The wrap skirt is especially popular this year, and we’re obsessed!


Belts are the easiest way to up your swimwear game; they elevate the look instantly! Our next beach day adventure, we’re stacking on the chain belts. Like we said before, this is the year to be extra!




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