The 5 Biggest Denim Trends Taking Over Summer 2020

One of the biggest lessons that 2020 has taught the fashion world is that comfort is king. Now, more than ever, athleisure is a staple trend in our wardrobes and we gravitate towards clothes that are both cute and comfortable. This same ethos shows in summer’s biggest denim trends. Gone are the days of stiff fabric and structured shapes, this season is all about fuss-free takes on our beloved bluejeans and we’re so excited to hop on board with these trends! Keep reading for the five biggest denim trends taking over summer 2020.


Vintage is an overarching theme for denim trends this season—a lot of our favorite styles from decades past are back in action this summer. But there’s something so great about the classic vintage style; a high-waisted, straight legged pair of jeans. When looking for you own perfect pair of vintage denim, think worn-out washes, a natural waist line, and a looser fit throughout the leg.


This early 2000’s classic is here in full force for 2020. Boot-cut denim is back in high-waisted options and looks great in a variety of washes from white to true blue. This season, pair your boot-cut jeans with a neutral top and either sleek booties or chunky sneakers for an updated take on this Y2K staple.


Hands down, wide-legged jeans are one of the most comfortable styles of denim. This season’s exaggerated, extra wide-legged silhouettes are no different. Wide-leg jeans look chic when paired with literally anything, from sheer tops to hoodies, but are just as comfy as your favorite sweats. Sign us up!


The 80’s have been trending recently and we’re so excited to see the decade’s influence hit the denim world. Pleated jeans take the vintage and wide-leg trends to new heights thanks to their unique details. Expect lots options for pleated denim like double waist detailing, balloon leg silhouettes, or super low-rise waist lines.


Distressed denim has been around for awhile now but this summer it’s everywhere. This cult-favorite trend adds a little edge to any outfit no matter what you decide to pair it with. Look for jeans with blown out knees, unfinished hems, frayed edges, and little rips and tears all throughout the leg this season.



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