Spring / Summer 2017 Trend Report: Hair + Beauty


Happy Thursday! I’m sharing my last Spring/Summer 2017 trend report today, and it’s all about hair and beauty! Sometimes, just sometimes, I get more excited about the beauty and hair trends versus the clothing at fashion week. Obviously I love, practically breathe fashion, but I really appreciate how large the beauty and hair community is, and how much attention and exposure they’re receiving at fashion weeks recently. On the runway this year, we saw 80’s everywhere! From draping blush (which I honestly never thought would come back) to naturally textured and lived-in hair. I think spring and summer will  be a fun time for beauty because make-up will be colorful and bold, while hair is taking almost a backseat and letting you just rock that out-of-bed do’. Check out my five favorite beauty and hair trends below. I can’t wait to try these out myself! xo


I remember looking back at pictures of my mom in the 80’s, or watching Aunt Becky on Full House and thinking, “Dang girl, your cheekbone could almost cut something with how sharp and bold that blush line is.” Well kiddos, say hello once again to draping blush. I personally love blush and it’s a key staple in my make-up bag. It brightens up my face and can really help my 2-minute routine on my way out of the door look runway-ready. We saw every extreme of the draping blush this year – from an edgy editorial look at Kenzo, to sweet and feminine at Adam Selman, to using a creme blush as a contour technique at Fenty Puma. All you have to do is apply your blush along your cheek bone up to your eyebrow. You can blend it into your lid as shadow, or near your temples as a highlighter. No matter what you think about this trend, you can bet you’ll see it around this season!

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The 80s have made quite and impact on beauty this season! From draping shown above, to now heavy, grungy eyeliner mixed with glitter. The 80s are back! I personally go through my phases of wearing a lot of eyeliner, to barely wearing any at all, but this is one of my favorite trends because it’s so wearable and anyone can do it! Now, go turn on some Madonna and transform into a rocker girl!



Pops of color aren’t just clothing or accessories this year – try adding an unexpected color to your beauty look. Fun and vibrant colors were everywhere on the runway – from tinted eyebrows, neon lips to two-tone eyeshadow. Check out some of my favorite products below to achieve the perfect pops of color this season!



Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.18.24 PM.png

We all know that “The Shag” made a huge impression in the fashion industry this past year. It was donned as the cool girl look (see middle pic). While two seasons ago, the lob was the hottest thing to happen to hair since balayage, the shag made waves in the hair community. Basically the shag was a grown out, less kept version of the lob. The shag was choppy and layered and this season, they elevated the shag by adding bangs. From a blunt cut bang, to the shaggy middle part, you can’t really go wrong with bangs this year! I personally added some layers to my grown out lob and added bangs for the shag look and I love it! It’s fun and effortless and you don’t really have to worry about keeping up with your trims or hair appointments because you can just grow out your bangs at a leisurely pace. Which I think we can all agree is the best!


Say goodbye to your blowouts or spending 30 minutes curling your hair to achieve the perfect  beach waves. This year on the runway we saw naturally tousled hair, and I love it! Most of the time I hate doing my hair in the mornings; I try to live in my curls as long as possible and avoid washing. Alexander Wang perfectly captured the “off-the-beach” look with messy texture, to Tanya Taylor and Ashley Williams that embraced that natural curl look. Let your hair breathe this summer and rock that natural do’!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.40.10 PM


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  1. March 6, 2017 / 12:54 am

    I’m so happy the blush is back! I always over blush lol! Loving the blog and IG feed???

    • March 29, 2017 / 11:06 am

      Haha yes! Blush is always a daily makeup essential for me and I love it! Thanks for following and supporting the blog! xo

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