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I would like to call to order the first meeting of SAK book club.

I’ll be the first to admit, but I rarely take time to read for fun anymore. I’m normally skimming articles online, reading short bits here and there on the subway, but I never seem to take time to sit down, open a book and read. With NYFW ending, and a handful of trips coming up, I’m hoping to catch up on some reading. My team and I put together a handful of books that we’re currently loving. Today we’re talking about fashion career books, but we’ll also share some killer girl boss memoirs, and must-have coffee table books.

With today focusing on fashion careers, I wanted to share a handful of books from some of industry leaders. They have broken down step by step their career journey and how to be successful. Look no further for a perfectly curated library that is sure to jump-start your career!

“Leave Your Mark”

“Leave Your Mark” claims to be “a mentorship in 288 pages,” a declaration I wholeheartedly agree with. Unlike many other novels, “Leave Your Mark” manages to seamlessly blend Aliza’s career timeline with advice that derived from each step (or misstep) she took on her path to success. This career tell-all features chapters that outline frequently asked interview questions with the most attractive answers to them, how to pitch ideas to your boss, and when need be, shifting gears. The authors conversational writing style makes it all the more compelling and relatable, and I highly recommend this to anyone no matter what stage they are at in their career.

“Tales from The Back Row”

No one explains the hierarchy in fashion better than Amy Odell. This novel is blunt in pointing out that the caste system in fashion is more visible than most due to the seating charts designers create for their runway shows. Odell, who has only recently stepped down from her highly sought after position at Cosmopolitan, narrates her experience from every point of view in a showroom. The authors anecdotes make it clear that while she admires high fashion, it is subjective, and she will be the first to nod her head in agreeance with your condemnation of outrageous prices for designer sweatpants. This refreshing point o view resonates with many different audiences at all levels of the business.

“The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever”

Not sure if you were meant to be behind the scenes or in the spotlight? Read this book. “The End of Fashion” captured my attention because, while I am the face of Simply Audree Kate, my work as a freelance stylist and editor hardly has me in the public eye. I have a rare point of view when it comes to discussing the differences between the creative side vs the business side of things. Unpopular opinion: I like the idea at being good at everything rather that great at one. This book is the beginners guide to being a jack of all things fashion, something I pride myself on. By the end of your reading you should be able to answer questions such as:  Are designers more creative in their marketing strategies than they are in the sewing room? How has the ever present “who are you wearing” question on the red carpet changed fashion? And, How is mass production and marketing killing the haute couture that keeps heavy hitters attending fashion shows?

“The Fashion Designer Survival Guide: Start and Run Your Own Fashion Business”

This is the perfect example of a title that is so confident it scares people away. Names like these give off the same feeling that one would get while picking up a self-help book called “The Key to Happiness”,  and immediately expecting disappointment because the bar has been set too high. Now that we’ve been honest about that, I have to go on to say that this comprehensive guide to fashion business is written by Mary Gehlhar, a mentor to none other than Zac Posen, and Rebecca Taylor. Gehlhar, like her novels title, exudes the confidence every aspiring designer needs to create their own line. She stresses that starting your own label is an incredible challenge, but it is possible with a solid business plan, materials of the highest quality, a good handle on press, and more. I highly suggest picking up this book as one of many references you will collect before starting your career as a designer!

“Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster”

Deluxe is one of very few books to take on the issues with counterfeit products as well as modern day manufacturing and production. In the past luxury was of the highest quality, but today the term simply means expensive and from a well-known brand. This novel should be of interest to anyone looking to start their own brand, or is interested in a career in production. Tracing the history of quality items is the best way to ensure that this standard is maintained in the future.



  1. February 18, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    Oh my god thank you for this post! I commute an hour to work and listen to audio books on my way there. I’ve listened to the first two and now I have to read a few more. An interesting fashion book you might enjoy is Overdressed: the shocking reality of fast fashion. There is so much information crammed into it.

    Xo Logan

    • simplyaudreekate
      February 18, 2018 / 10:50 pm

      Hi! Omg yay I’m so happy you liked the post and listened to the first two! I have a couple more posts coming out about this so make sure to stay tuned! I’ll definitely check out that book too, sounds great!

      xoxo Audree

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