Romance May be Dead, but Romantic Style Isn’t!

“Romance is dead” is a term I feel I hear so often, and maybe it’s because it’s true. Growing up into the dating scene in an age of hookup culture, online dating forums, and not-so-gentlemanly men, finding your “one true love” seems hopeless.

Alas, romance isn’t totally dead – or not yet anyway. Amid such dating-life-despair, we find hope in fashion. More specifically, in the resurgence of the romanticism style. What is this style you ask? Think of Northern Italy, beach-side lounging, cobblestone road roaming, and fruit field picking.

Summer 2020 has been, well, not so romantic, but that’s why we’re making up for it with our style. So what garments qualify to be in the ‘romantic style’ category? Cue flowy, lacy, and dramatic pieces perfect for slow-mo runs down the beach. Are you still having trouble deciphering how to put together the ideal romantic outfit? We got you.

Milkmaid Mode

The Milkmaid top is practically the epitome of romantic fashion. Spot this style by a square neck or sweetheart neckline and button closures down the torso or a tie on the chest. The best part about this style is that it can take many forms, from dresses to tops and bralettes.

Pair the tops with jeans for a dressed-down look, a skirt for the ultimate romantic look, or a pair of trousers for the modern-day romantic. Add mini bags, sandals, and dainty jewelry to finish off the ultra-feminine aesthetic.

Flora and Flowy

Remember how I mentioned running down the beach in slow-mo? Midi dresses are the perfect pieces to do so. Midi dresses are a great summer staple because once you throw it on with some sandals, your outfit is ready to go.

When looking for the perfect romantic midi dress for summer, look for pieces that are lacy, thin, and flowy, so that you get gusts of wind to cool your sweaty thighs – or is it just me who loves when this happens? Because the midi dress is essentially your whole outfit, try to find pieces with ruffles, statement sleeves, or slits in them to give it a more exciting look. Floral patterns are also a great way to bring the dress to a whole new level of a romantic feel. Because what’s more amorous than your significant other giving you flowers?

Puffy and Proud

As mentioned previously, the puffy sleeves are a great way to make the statement that you know your way around romantic styles. Big, voluminous sleeves are a staple to this genre, and it makes us reminisce about the renaissance’s times.

You may think that you look like Captain Jack Sparrow in one of these, but don’t worry, if you style it right, you’ll look more like Kira Knightly. Because the sleeves are so dramatic, the top will be the focal point of your outfit. I like to even out the volume on top with fitted garments on the bottom. So, pick neutral pants like non-ripped jeans or trousers to complete the look and pair with a simple mule or slide.

Perfect for Palazzos

As the header hints at, palazzo pants are perfect for nailing down the romantic style. The free-flowing nature of these bottoms are ideal for those windy summer nights and having wine on a European beach somewhere. Another type of pant that emits romantic vibes is the culotte pant. These wide-legged bottoms are a close cousin of the palazzo pant, both of which are great at creating flawless silhouettes.

Many of these trousers have fun and flirty patterns that will go seamlessly with any top. I prefer to usually let my pants do the talking and walking with outfits such as these and opt to pair them with a subtle shirt. However, if your palazzos or culottes are pretty minimalistic, a milkmaid top or floral printed shirt would be an enchanting pairing. Bottom it out with kitten heels, platform sandals or mules, accessorize with dainty gold jewelry, and you’ll be sure to fit right into an old-timey rom-com.

If reading about this style hasn’t made you want to go lay in a bed of flowers, once you try any of these stylish garments, you’ll definitely want to.




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