No-Heat Hairstyles for Summer

We all know that summer comes with some unbearable heat, and sometimes the days are so hot the thought of using a curling iron is too much. The answer is, summer is the perfect time to try out no-heat hairstyles. Below are six no-heat hairstyles for summer.


Braids are the easiest way to do your hair without the heat. There are a handful of braids that only take ten or so minutes to complete, and they look chic for the summer.

A french braid is a classic, and there are so many renditions: single, double, french braid into a bun, half french braid, and so many others. Plus, a french braid looks great for any summer occasion. Two other braids that are easy to achieve are Dutch braids and fishtail braids; these two are more visually appealing than a traditional braid.

Whatever braid you choose to beat the summer heat, there’s a Youtube video to teach you. Always be patient while braiding, it takes some time to accomplish.


Bandanas are the perfect I’m running out the door no-heat look. Especially this summer, bandanas and silky scarves are the trendiest hair accessories of the season!

The first style is what I call the Pirate Look. Using the heading photo as a reference, you fold your scarf in half to form a triangle, center the folded side on your forehead and tie the folded ends together. You can leave the tip of the triangle out as an extra feature, or tuck it into the knot to form the perfect pirate aesthetic.

Another way to wear a scarf/bandana is to throw your hair up in a messy bun and tie the bandana around your forehead with the ties facing frontward. From there you can choose to leave them in for a country-girl vibe, or tuck them in for a sleeker look. For the bandana beginners, the easiest way to style a bandana is tying it around your low or high ponytail to add a refined finish.

To learn how to wrap a scarf/bandana, watch the video here.


Probably the easiest and most effective way to hide that 4-day-greasy hair is by throwing on a hat. As I detailed in my Crazy Hat Lady article, there are so many styles of hats that are the perfect addition to any outfit. Below are the three hats you need for the ideal no-heat hairstyle. 

The bucket hat is one of the summer’s trendiest hats because the silhouette it creates is unmatched! Complete the look with your hair down and tiny accent braids, pigtails, or throw it on top of a set of French braids.

The second-best hat of the season (and arguably all seasons) is the trusty baseball cap. Once again, it’s a great topper for hiding an early morning face. Since the baseball hat has been around for so long, there are hundreds of patterns and designs to choose from. Match a cap with a low messy bun for a casual vibe, a ponytail, or wear your hair down for a street style aesthetic.

Last are the hats that summer favors: the Monroe or Boater hat. These two hats scream summer vibes and are perfect for looks, but also the functionality. Both have wide brims that keep the sun out of your eyes while also giving you a personal space perimeter. The only difference between these hats is that the Boater tends to be made of straw or rattan material, whereas Monroe is made of cloth and has pinches/dents on the sides of the top portion. Wear either of these with a low bun or ponytail, braids, or hair down.


One of the other hottest hair accessories of summer 2020 ironically comes from the early 2000s. The over-sized claw clip has been an off-duty-model go-to lately, and it’s because it’s so quick and easy, anyone can do it.

Easy to find at any store with hair accessories, these clips are cheap and can be used for an abundance of different hairstyles. For the most effortless look, gather your hair, flip it upward, clip the body of the gathered hair, and let the excess fall over the clip. For longer hair, I recommend twisting your hair, so it’s collected neatly, wrap it once around itself as if you were going to do a bun, flip the end of the twist upward and clip the body over the twisted bunch, and let the excess fall. These methods give you a messy, short up-do look.

Another clip that gained traction back in 2019 is the statement clip or bobby pin. Bedazzled words of women empowerment and confidence are the perfect pieces to add to your ponytail, braid, bun, or as an accent to a down-do. There are also over-sized barrettes that come in all sorts of patterns and colors that add pops of excitement to hairstyles!

Overnight Curls

There are so many methods of overnight curls, with the most traditional version being your grandma’s hair curlers. These types of curlers are usually hollow cylinders that allow bobby pins to keep them in place.

Other methods that have recently gained traction are the sock and robe techniques. For the sock method, damp your hair and grab your crew socks. Take a section of hair and place the sock at the end of the strand in the middle of the sock. Roll the sock and hair strand upward to the top of your head and tie the sock’s ends together to it stays in place. Repeat until your whole head is covered in socks.

For the robe method, I recommend watching this video demonstrating this method because putting it in words doesn’t do it justice! 

Some other tools that may be easier to use than grabbing random socks and parts of robes are the foam curlers. These are tiny foam cylinders that can be bent in any direction to form your desired curl, and they’re comfy to sleep on!


If you think there’s only one kind of bun, you’re wrong. Just off the top of my head, there are top knot, the model bun, space buns, and so many more.

The classic top-knot is classified by a sleek, clean ponytail pulled to the very top of your head, with the remaining length wrapped around the hairband and bobby pinned in place. Use this hairstyle with any galas or fancy dinners you may have coming up, or even for a day of running errands. The model bun is almost the same thing, but it lays on the nape of your neck in the center of your head. This style is excellent for on-the-go days, or for a chic add-on to an outfit that does most of the talking.

Space buns, made famous by Miley Cyrus, are the token hairstyle for any festival or fun night out. These can be tricky to accomplish, depending on your haircut and length. If you have short or layered hair, be prepared to use a whole package of bobby pins to secure the loose ends and ensure that your space buns stay in space instead of coming back down to earth. A tip for my long-haired ladies is to put your hair into two pigtails, wrap your hair around the elastic, and then secure it with bobby pins. The ponytail is a base for your hair to wrap around and a foundation for bobby pins to stick.




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