My 5 Fashion Icons

As we head into the new year, I took some time this past week to think about what and who inspires me. I have always had an affinity for vintage glamour, old Vogue covers and 1950’s actresses. These days, I pull inspiration from social media, the people next to me on the subway, or nature. I normally don’t have one source of inspiration, but I do have a few solid fashion icons that I have admired for quite some time now, and are my home base when I need a little creative boost. 

Below, I am sharing five incredible women who have made an impact in the fashion industry, were business women as well as creatives, and all-around, total lady bosses. I hope you enjoy reading a little more about who inspires me and has helped me curate who and what Simply Audree Kate really is. xo



To start, no fashion icon list is complete without Coco Chanel. From Chanel No. 5 to the little black dress, she is iconic in every way. Her effortless style combined with how she transformed the fashion industry with clothing and the brand, she has always been one of my fashion icons. Chanel was one of the first brands I became familiar with growing up and watching, so I love reading about her life and how she started Chanel.



Audree and Audrey? Hmmm I sense a theme, am I right? So actually, I was named after a great aunt on my mom’s side of the family, but my spelling came from Audree Neva Wilson – who was the Beach Boy’s mother. My dad saw the spelling with the double e’s in a magazine feature and they loved the unique spelling. My mom also later told me that she has always loved Audrey Hepburn, and my middle name is Katherine (Kate is actually NOT my middle name) – so Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn – meet Audree Katherine Lopez.

I love how Audrey Hepburn was so much more than a pretty face, fashion icon and actress—she was a humanitarian and very active in UNICEF. She was the ultimate lady boss.



I remember about five years ago, my mom sent me a picture of a magazine featuring a women covered in an obscene amount of jewelry, bold colors, large glasses and a contagious smile. She said that she was the future me. Her name is Iris Apfel and she is the queen of maximalism.Her strong presence in the fashion industry is admirable; she is 95 years, a Swarovski brand ambassador and has collaborated with numerous of other designers! She taught me to not take my personal style too seriously and exude confidence in everything I do.


Selena was my first role model growing up. She was a strong Mexican-American woman with undeniable beauty, grace and a sense of warmth and happiness. In the past few years I have really noticed how Selena’s fashion sense has inspired me (see my Halloween costume here), and I love how she played up her curves, took fashion risks and never settled for mediocrity.



The mastermind behind Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic outfits and countless other iconic movies during that time, was costume designer Edith Head. With a record eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design and over 30 nominations, Edith Head dominated her craft throughout her career. She has inspired me through my styling career and I can only hope that my styling work will one day have a similar industry impact.


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