My 13 Favorite Fashion Bloggers I Follow

I gave myself a personal goal in 2018 to spend less time on social media. The year before I found myself falling into a dark hole on social media of comparing myself to every other blogger and content creator online, I was frustrated that I couldn’t give my blog 100% due to my job and I kind of lost my creative spark. I didn’t feel like myself and I needed to make a massive change if I wanted to continue blogging. Enter: a digital detox. I started spending less and less time scrolling, I unfollowed people I didn’t feel connected to and started focusing on myself and my business. Throughout the year I had a few select accounts that I would look at almost every day. These women became my digital BFFs from afar. I felt inspired by their feeds, their content and ultimately their rad style. 

I gravitate towards following influencers who are positive, authentic, have depth to their posts and really understand what it means to create good content. I love following their accounts because they take the time to carefully style an outfit, go above and beyond for the ‘perfect shot’ and I, myself want to be in their community. 

Blogging was never a career I expected to fall into. First and foremost, I am a fashion stylist and editor—but I have thoroughly loved having my website because I believe blogging has made me a better stylist and editor and vice versa. This past year I have pushed myself out of my personal comfort zones with my own content. These women have encouraged me to shoot in better locations (versus a solid wall), explore with outfits, poses and angles, and most of all, how to have fun with content creation. 

Below I’m highlight 13 women who I love following on Instagram and if you don’t already follow them, I highly encourage you to give them a follow. xo


Tezza is the ultimate Instagram content creator. She is a photographer by trade, in a band and just an overall fashion queen. 

Why I follow her: I love her photography style, we have similar personal styles and in my next life I hope to be a tall tan rockstar.

Officially Quigley

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I have been following Casey the past year and a half and my girl crush continues to grow. She has grown her following immensely over the past year and I’ve loved watching her business grow. She goes above and beyond with photo concepts and is so authentic.

Why I follow her: I love her photos, outfits and eyebrows. I feel like one day we will be best friends and discuss our love for big brows.

Mallory on the Moon

I connected with Mallory awhile ago on Instagram and instantly felt like I found my vintage soul sister. She finds the best thrifted pieces, has such a creative eye and she recently launched her own creative sticker pack for photos!

Why I follow her: I love her style, use of color and how she treats her followers like they’re her best friends. I can’t wait to see what she will do in 2019!

B Jones Style

Beth Jones, aka B. Jones is another vintage blogger and I can’t get over her outfits. Her outfits are eclectic and super chic, and I want to go thrifting with her one day!

Why I follow her: I love her profile and she’s a pro at mixing prints, silhouettes and color.

Mad Maven Style

I discovered Nikia a couple years ago on Instagram (fun fact: I found Quigley through her page) and fell in love with her west coast vintage boho vibes. I love her use of accessories and she’s made me seriously consider going platinum. 

Why I follow her: Her outfits, maximalist style, plus she has her own line of adorable pom earrings (shop here)!

Natalie Off Duty

I can’t get enough of the Suarez sisters. Natalie and her sister Dylana are the ultimate sister duo. They have impeccable style, feed aesthetics and all around boss babes. 

Why I follow her: Natalie did a clothing collection with INSPR this past year and I had the opportunity to meet her at the launch event. She’s so sweet and I really admire her work. 

Dylana Suarez

Why I follow her: Dylana’s style is so effortless and chic. I love her poses, content and following all of her travels lately. 

Clothes and Pizza

Meet your new girl crush. I connected with Abby on Instagram a couple years ago and have since been such a fangirl of her page. She is so intentional with her outfits, content and the brands she shops. She has introduced me to so many cool small brands and vintage shops. 

Why I follow her: Obviously her outfits and vintage finds, but on Fridays she does a “Get Dressed with me” segment on Instagram stories where she walks you through her outfit planning for the day. I love seeing the progression and really appreciate the time she takes to create that.

Cactus Kittn

Alex and I met at a panel I spoke at last year and instantly started this girl crush/friendship on Instagram. She’s a Art Director by day and content creator by night. You can instantly tell how much work she puts into each photo, outfit and her feed. 

Why I follow her: I love her point of view and intention with her photography. It’s not overdone with filters or graphics—just simple good photography. Plus she has a serious killer vintage collection!

Chelsea as of Late

Let me tell you something about Chelsea—2018 was a monumental year for this girl and I am so unbelievably proud of her. We shot a Valentine’s day collaboration together, randomly saw each other in Rome and have been friends since. She really found her niche, aesthetic and vibe this past year and she’s one of the hardest working people I know in New York. She works full-time, manages her blog and still makes time to workout, hang out with friends and even have a boyfriend. Can this girl teach me her ways please?! 

Why I follow her: She’s the real deal. She has grown so much as a content creator this year, pushed her creative boundaries and I love watching her business grow. 

How Do You Wear That

I believe that Caitlyn and I have similar styles—the perfect mix of feminine, rock n’ roll and tomboy. I love how she puts together layered looks while making them look completely effortless. 

Why I follow her: I love that she mixes high and low price points, everything is approachable and she seems like the cool girl-next door that you want to hang out with and talk fashion.

Lisa Marie Prang


I immediately fell in love with Lisa’s profile when I found her page. Her bio says, ” Print Mixer – Floral Obsessed” – sounds like my kind of girl! She just left her full-time job to pursue her brand and I’m beyond ready to see what she accomplishes! 

Why I follow her: I love her thrifting hauls, how she mixes unexpected pieces and she is a midwest treat! 

Damsel in Dior

Jacey has been my favorite blogger to follow the past few years. I love how opposite our personal styles and feeds are actually; her style is super simple, her aesthetic is more muted, but overall she has such an elevated and chic touch to her brand that I absolutely love and try to incorporate into my life. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jacey a few times and she is the same in person as on Instagram—an absolute sweetheart and so authentic. 

Why I follow her: I want to be Jacey when I “grow up”. I love following her life and how personal she gets on her Instagram stories. I’m obsessed with her english bulldog Polly Pringles and I love how Jacey makes high end fashion approachable.


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