How to Style Fashion’s Most ‘Feared’ Colors

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Okay, okay, I realize how cliche that sounds, but hey- it’s true! All too often, I find myself shying away from specific colors or patterns during a shopping trip. At this point, I can walk through a store and decide what I like and don’t like without taking anything off the rack. More often than not, I reach for neutral tones or muted colors.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a bold color or loud print, but styling them can be a daunting task. I find that pieces in hues like orange, yellow, and lime green sit in my closet, getting the least amount of love. Recently, however, I’ve been determined to change that. I’ve compiled a list of several ways to style colors like orange, yellow, and lime green that have inspired me to be bold and take more risks with my style! Follow below for how to style fashion’s most ‘feared’ colors.

Go for a Monochrome Look

If you’re going for a risky color choice, might as well go all out! The monochromatic look has gained popularity lately as TikTok styling videos made these looks go viral. This trend, however, is truly timeless. A monochrome pantsuit or matching set is honestly a must for those days when you don’t feel like having to experiment by pairing different pieces together.

I genuinely believe that the key to rocking monochrome is picking a bold color. Go for a color that you would typically avoid making a statement with this look!

Pair with a Bold Print

Pair a bold color with an even bolder print. Seems crazy, right? But surprisingly, this is one of those wacky trends that somehow works. Animal prints and bold colors look amazing together. Honestly, how much fiercer can you get?

This look is for all the risk-takers out there who aren’t afraid of a few *endearing* stares.

Pair Bold Colors Together

I think what makes these bold colors ‘feared’ by many is finding a way to make them match your outfit without sticking out like a sore thumb. What if I told you that you could pair these colors with each other for a savvy statement look that’s sure to turn heads?

Sometimes the answer is there in plain sight. Try creating an outfit by pairing bold-colored pieces together. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Go for a Pop of Color

Maybe you’re looking to effortlessly incorporate bold colors into your everyday style, rather than make a huge statement. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! Adding a pop of color to your outfit is always in style and is appropriate for any season or occasion!

You can add a subtle pop of color by pairing a bold handbag, shoes, or jewelry with an otherwise neutral-toned outfit. Elevate your look by adding a lipstick color that coordinates with your accessories.

Take this look a step further by adding a colorful piece of clothing to your everyday look. One of my favorite examples of this trend is styling a bright blazer over a white top and jeans.

I hope these looks have inspired you to embrace bold colors rather than fear them! No matter what color or style you choose, be sure to own your look with confidence!




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