How To Stay Optimistic During These Times

There’s a lot of negatives in the world right now: Millions around the world are isolated, thousands are being treated for Coronavirus, and there is an almost imminent economic downfall coming. My apologies for starting with the clear negatives, but there are ways to stay optimistic during these times. Below are seven ways to create positivity while you’re locked up at home for the next few weeks.

Limit Your Screen Time

It can be difficult to step away from our phones and computers at a time like this. We can use social media as a distraction, keep up to date with COVID-19 news and stay connected with friends, but there is also a lot of negativity, fear and misinformation online, so know it’s okay to take a step back for a few hours, or even a day and limit your screen time.

Take Advantage of This Time

Instead of seeing WFH as a negative, see it as a significant positive. Take this time as an advantage and focus on yourself. There’s a chance that work has slowed down a bit, so take this time to recenter with yourself and your goals. Chances are you’ve put yourself on the back burner for months, now’s the opportunity to change that.

Focus on Your Mental & Physical Health

Promote positivity by focusing on mental and physical health during this hard time. Work on your mental health by putting your phone down for a few hours a day, meditating, and doing something that you enjoy. Promote your physical health by doing one of your favorite at-home workouts or even go out for a socially distant appropriate run.

Setup FaceTime Dates With Your Friends

It’s easy to self isolate and focus on all the negatives during these next few weeks. To add some positivity to your daily schedule, FaceTime calls with your friends and family. This will promote normalcy throughout this time, and it’s always nice speaking with your friends and family.

Practicing Anxiety Relieving Exercises

There is plenty of anxiety-relieving exercises out here. Whether it be meditation, a thought journal, listening to music, or looking at an activity like this one below – there’s an exercise perfect for everyone. Reducing anxiety instantly promotes optimism.

Make “At-Home” Plans

Making plans, even if they’re just at home, gives a sense of purpose. When the traditional workday is over, make a plan to either watch a favorite show, make a meal from scratch, or hangout with roommates/significant other. Making plans gives a sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement.

Practice Self-Care

There’s not a better way to stay optimistic than with self-care. Face masks, alone time, and goal setting are a few self-care favorites. Give time to self-care; it supports mental state, ultimately the immune system, and its positive reinforcement.


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