How to Properly Apply Your Skincare Routine

It’s safe to say we’re skincare junkies. We’re quick to hit “add to cart” any time our favorite brands launch a new product, and we’re all about testing out the latest and greatest skincare trends. But, as more and more products pile up on our vanity, it becomes harder to tell which ones to use and when. The order you apply your skincare routine is super important, though! You want to make sure you’re maxing out each product’s potential. Keep reading to learn how to properly apply your skincare routine in the morning and at night.


1. Cleanser

First up, cleanser. Start each day on a clean slate with your morning cleanser. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find something that’ll match your skin type and desired results.

2. Toner

Step two is applying a toner, this is the secret weapon to any skincare routine. Use a cotton round or reusable pad to spread this product all over your face evenly.

3. Serum

Step three: serum! Again, there’s a serum out there for every skin type and concern—you’ll want to look for one that isn’t too think or tacky for your morning routine.

4. Eye Cream

Next up in the AM routine is eye cream. For mornings, opt for a more lightweight formula to brighten up those under eyes. Just be gentle as you apply it since the skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your body. One tip is to use your ring finger ever so lightly to dab the product in.

5. Moisturizer

Lock everything in with a moisturizer to keep you hydrated all day. Keep in mind; moisturizers are a great project to swap out seasonally—something more heavy-duty for the drier, colder month, and something lightweight for everyday summer use.

6. Face Oil

If you use a face oil, now is the time to pop that on. Facial oils are very trendy in the skincare world at the moment and rightfully so! While applying oil to your skin can sound a little crazy (trust us, we’ve been there, but it works wonders! Facial oils are great for regulating oiliness, calming acne, and giving off an envious glowy texture.

7. SPF

The last step in the morning skincare routine is sunscreen. SPF is crucial for everyone every day. Apply sunscreen after your skincare routine but before makeup to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Getting in the habit of wearing SPF every day will ensure younger, healthier-looking skin down the road.


1. Makeup Remover

Begin your night routine with makeup remover. From wipes to micellar water and oils to balms, there are tons of options to choose from. Just make sure to take it all off before you fall asleep.

2. Cleanser

Use a cleanser after your makeup remover to make sure you get every last bit of grit and grime from the day off of your face. You can stick with the same product you use in the AM, but nighttime is also a great time to use an exfoliating or deep cleanser.

3. Toner

The third step in a nighttime routine is tone. Again, you can stick with your AM product or swap it out for something more heavy-duty. I like to use hydrating toners at night, so my skin doesn’t dry out while I sleep.

4. Serum

Fourth are serums. If you’re looking for a product that will work overtime while you sleep, look for products specifically labeled night serum. Otherwise, you can have your morning serum work double duty or try another serum for a different skin concern.

5. Eye Cream

It’s eye cream time again! At night, using a thicker, richer cream is a great way to go to prevent underage wrinkles and bags prematurely. Again, make sure to use a light hand as you apply!

6. Treatments

Next up are any treatments you may use. Think acne prevention products, retinol, and spot treatments. While these products have amazing results, sometimes they can be a little drying (especially acne products), so make sure to use hydrating products in the rest of your PM routine to counteract and keep your skin balanced.

7. Overnight Mask

Overnight masks are some of the best-hidden gems in the skincare industry. These masks do all the work while you sleep, so put one on before bed and wake up with visible results.

8. Moisturizer/ Night Cream

The eighth step in a PM skincare routine is moisturizer or night cream. You can stick with the same product you use every morning or opt for something a little richer (notice a theme here yet?) A thicker night cream locks in all the rest of the products in your routine and ensure your skin is extra hydrated when you wake up.

9. Face Oil

Finally, facial oil. If you’re into oils, set everything in for the night with one of your faves. Overnight oils or sleeping oils are great to help you relax and settle down for the day.



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