How To Practice Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness has become a hot topic in the rising health phenomenon. For decades, we’ve talked about good physical health, eating healthy and working out, but what about overall wellness?

There are eight pillars of wellness: Physical, emotional, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial and environmental and today we are diving into workplace wellness. We spend a majority of our week at work, so this year our entire team is making it a priority to focus on overall wellness at work, in our personal lives and relationships. Ahead are five simple tips for practicing wellness in the workplace.

Create a Practical To-Do List

We are guilty of wearing the badge of hustle, but over extending our selves is the complete opposite of wellness. In our office we start the day with a team meeting to go over to-do lists for the day and we make sure we have an achievable to-do list with 3-5 goals for the day. A practical to-do list allows you to feel accomplished, not feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list and celebrate the tasks you achieved that day.

Ritual Breaks

A large portion of the day is spent sitting at our desks with minimal breaks. At least every hour or two, find a way to move your body for at least five minutes. Simple ways to do this are: walk around the office, stand up and stretch, and go out and grab a coffee.

Pack a Balanced Lunch and Snacks

Food is one way to practice wellness in the workplace. Make sure to pack a healthy and balanced lunch. What you put into your body affects your productivity and how you feel. Pack a healthy lunch and then a guilty-pleasure snack. This is a way to reward yourself throughout the day.

Check In With Yourself

Throughout the day at work, we tend to forget about ourselves. Once to-do lists are sorted, we go into work mode. Make sure that when you feel stress creeping in that, you do a self-check. Make sure you are eating, taking breaks, and drinking plenty of water.

Bring Home To The Office

One trick to practicing wellness in the office is bringing a piece of home. Lavender sprays, favorite hand lotion, and a self-care book are all items that go from house to office. These are items that help you practice simple forms of office wellness.



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