How to Plan the Perfect Summer ‘Staycation’

Who says COVID-19 has to ruin all the summer fun? While many of us may not be traveling this year, the good news is, you can still make your stay-at-home summer feel like a vacation!

Recently, my roommates and I got together and threw ourselves a ‘staycation.’ We wanted to make it feel like we were on a tropical island somewhere, without actually having to leave the apartment. We searched through Pinterest to find these five ideas on how to throw a perfect summer staycation!

Get the Party Started with a ‘Bubbly Bar’

There’s no better way to get into the vacation mindset than a fresh summer cocktail. Create a ‘Bubbly Bar’ for your staycation guests to customize their drinks. Garnish your glasses with fresh summer fruits like watermelon, pineapple or peach!

Pro Tip: place popsicles in glasses of champagne to create a quick and easy summer mimosa!

Try a New Recipe

Break out those Pinterest recipes and treat your guests to an elaborate meal that will make them feel like they are dining at a 5-star resort. Better yet– cook something together! Making homemade pizzas is a fun and delicious activity to do with your guests.

If cooking’s not your thing, there’s always takeout! Spice things up by enjoying your meal on a blanket in the backyard or balcony!

Have a Spa Night

Treat your guests to spa night from the comfort of your own home! Homemade face masks and body scrubs are inexpensive and easy to make. You can typically make spa treatments from items you already have at home– mixing avocado, oatmeal, and honey, for example, makes the perfect face mask for someone with dry skin!

Encourage your guests to bring their cutest PJ’s and comfiest robe. Get creative with your set-up and have a spa-themed photoshoot!

Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Okay, let’s be real. The idea of watching a movie on a projector out under the stars sounds AMAZING. But realistically, we don’t all have that kind of space. Still, there are other ways you can recreate this fun slumber party tradition. Create a cozy set up in the back of your car and watch a movie on a laptop. And if all else fails, you’re NEVER too old to build a fort! (I stand by this rule — don’t let anyone tell you differently).

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Remember, you’re on vacation– it’s okay to sleep in! There’s nothing like lying in bed with a giant breakfast spread. Whether you cook it yourself or order in – treat yourself to a little breakfast in bed! Don’t forget the mimosas!

Get Outdoors

Finish off your staycation strong by getting outdoors! Go for a walk, check out the local hiking trails, or participate in a virtual yoga class! Regardless of what you choose, a little physical activity is sure to be refreshing after a night full of fun!

All in all, our staycation ended up being a blast– pretty much like a slumber party for adults! If you’re looking for fun and safe summer plans, I recommend getting a small gang together for your staycation!




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