It’s one of the best times of year; Thanksgiving week! We’re dreaming of the pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and seeing our friends/family all in one place. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year and the ladies of Team SAK are part of that hustle and bustle. We’re flying coast to coast, driving to different states or even prepping to host a festive feast. For a lot of people it can be hard to pack light for a weekend trip (story of our lives) but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes we forget that we will literally only be gone for 72 hours and no, we don’t need 5 pairs of shoes and a bag of jewelry. For a short trip like this coming holiday weekend, try condensing your things into a backpack. Trust us, it is totally do-able.

Plan Outfits

This may seem meticulous but it’s essential. When you plan outfits you avoid throwing random items into your bag. I always style a different look for everyday, try it on (to make sure it works together) and then switch a piece or two up to make the look go from day to night. The key to this is choosing items that can be worn in multiple ways for more than one day. Oh and don’t forget your pajamas too!

One or Two Shoes At Most

No, you do not need 5 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend trip or 7 days, reality strikes and I usually end up wearing only one or two pairs of shoes. I always recommend a casual sneaker and a classic bootie or flats. The sneaker dresses down outfits while the booties or flats can dress up a look.

Toiletries: What Do You Actually Need?

When packing for any weekend getaway it’s good to ask yourself what you really need. The travel size basics are: shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste. However, for a weekend trip home you probably don’t need to bring all of this so ditch it and use whatever your hosts have. Also, cut down on your makeup for the weekend and only pack the essentials.

Wear Bulky Items on the Plane

One of the greatest travel hacks I always abide by, is wearing your bigger items on the plane. Heavy coats, boots and chunky sweaters are just a few options. Wearing these items free up space in your backpack and will most likely keep you cozy on the cold plane ride.

Roll Your Clothes

The king of all packing tips. Fall into the hype and roll your clothes for a weekend trip. If you do it right it makes them small and doesn’t make them wrinkly when you pull them out. Rolling is such a great way to optimize all the space that you have in your backpack. With some of that extra space you can even pack your flat iron or curling iron.





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