How to Make Your Blazer Work For Any Occasion

Since the term was coined in 1952, blazers have earned their place in just about every modern wardrobe. However, these articles of clothing were initially reserved for the posh, high-class world of rowing, rather than today’s use of the garment as a business-attire staple.

But then there are the types of people who see beyond the blazer’s history and delve further into what could be with the blazer outside rowing matches and office cubicles. That’s where fashion fanatics come in and take their blazer in stride and morph it into all types of style aesthetics and outfit combinations.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard taking your drab work blazer and seeing it as something it’s not. But that’s why team SAK is here to help you alter your ordinary work-coat and set it ablaze (pun intended) with these four different ways to style your blazer.

Street Style

Like every fashion trend ever, we’re starting on the streets—home to the innovative, creative, and different style trends we worship during Fashion Week.

To get the ‘street’ look with a blazer, you’ll want to spice it up. To create this look, add pops of colors and patterns that complement and go with your pre-selected blazer. My favorite way to incorporate an edge to my up-tight blazer is by adding my most treasured band tee underneath and throwing on some jeans for a dressed-down look. To choose your jeans wisely, look at the current trends; now, baggy, oversized pants are the go-to in the jean section at every store. However, if your blazer is oversized or a bit large, go for a fitted skinny jean, so you’re not drowning in your outfit! Top it off with a seasonal shoe, in this season’s case, a strappy summer sandal, and accessorize with a bag and jewelry of your choice.

Comfy Chic

This trend is my current personal favorite way to wear a blazer, as most of my days (and just about everyone’s) is sitting at home working. This type of style is the best for Zoom calls when it can be business on the top and comfort on the bottom.

The trendiest way to dress your blazer for comfort is by throwing on your favorite sweat set underneath and calling it a day! The matching set gives your outfit a put-together look, but also like you could take a nap right after your meeting. No matching set? No worries, but I still recommend some sort of sweat pant or jogger on the bottom for maximum coziness. Then throw on a tank top that complements both the blazer’s and sweat pant’s color combination. Add some sneakers, whether it be your Balenciaga Triple S sneakers or a pair of old Chuck Taylor Converse, some noticeable jewelry, and oversized sunglasses for the “I woke up like this” look.

Make it Snappy

You’ll hear “snappy casual” a lot if you’re ever going out to brunch with your gal pals, or for any nicer-than-usual daytime activities. To achieve this look, I usually try to avoid rips and sneakers and lean toward clean lines and lovely fabrics.

As the article alludes to, step one is to grab your blazer. Choose a beautiful top that goes with it the color or any pattern it may have. And when I say ‘nice,’ think tops that you’d wear to work or on a date. This top complements the elevated style of the blazer, making it great for table-top photos! To ensure we’re not going too over-the-top, add some jeans for your bottoms. As mentioned, try and stay away from rips to give it a sleeker look. If your blazer is a neutral color (black, white, tan), add some colored jeans or pants to make your outfit pop that much more.

Now comes the critical part – heels! Stay away from the sneakers and flat sandals, as they make the outfit a little too casual – the heels are where the ‘snappy’ in ‘snappy casual’ comes into play. Of course, we don’t all like wearing heels, so for the sneaker-wearer in our midst, try finding a comfortable heel (Børn and Söfft are great comfortable brands) or my favorite, a platform. Platforms were a hit in the 90s, and now they’re back and here to stay, so invest in a nice pair. Add a bag and jewelry pieces that are subtle and neutral; that way, the focus is on your adorable, snappy casual outfit.

Dressed to Impress

The best part about blazers is arguably the matching set. A matching set makes me feel like power-suit-Zendaya, which makes me feel all the more empowered!

The best part about this look is the simplicity: find a matching set, throw on a shirt that complements the set, and voila, you’ve got yourself an outfit; of course with the addition of some accessories and a chic bag.

Because a power suit is powerful within itself, I recommend minimal jewelry and a bag that matches your shoes. These add-ons will take a back seat to your statement suit, which is just the way we like it.




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