How To Know Your Clothes Are Fitting You Properly

It’s spring cleaning, and there’s no better time to make sure your clothing fits. There are easy signs that clothing isn’t fitting properly, and it takes less than a minute to spot. I’m sharing industry tips on how to know your clothes are fitting you properly. These tips can be used while cleaning out your closet, and buying new clothing.


The seam of a blazer should sit right on your shoulder. If it extends past, then it is too large. You should also be able to move in a blazer comfortably. An easy test is trying to hug someone, if you can’t do this easily, then the blazer is too tight.


The seam on a button-down should lay flat. If the buttons are puckering, then the shirt is too small. Also, like a blazer, you should be able to move in a button-up comfortably.


It all begins with the shoulders; seams need to sit right on your shoulder; otherwise, the rest of the dress is off. Here are two essential tips: make sure the bust fits right on your body, and for fitted waists, make sure the dress suits your natural waistline.


Finding the right bra size is every woman’s struggle. The first tip is to make sure the center of the bra sits flat between the cups. Look to see if there is any spillover because if there is, it’s too small. To make sure the bra isn’t too big, raise your arms and make sure it stays in place.

Dress Pants/Jeans

The rule of thumb for dress pants is you should be able to fit two fingers inside the waistband for “wiggle room.” Two signs that your pants don’t fit right are they pucker or wrinkle at the front (too tight), and the fabric doesn’t lay flat (too big). These are the most noticeable signs, and when trying on pants, these should always be inspected.



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