How To Incorporate WFH Style Into the Office

Going back to the office is a reality that we will be facing in the next coming months. With that, we’ve gotten used to our tye-dye sets, leggings, and relaxed fashion sense while working from home. Transitioning back to the office is going to be difficult for many reasons, but work-appropriate fashion doesn’t have to be hard. There are five pieces you can use to incorporate WFH style into the office.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are comfortable, and WFH has made them an “office” staple. A graphic tee is the base layer for hundreds of office looks. To incorporate this WFH style into the office, pair a graphic tee with a boxy blazer, colorful suit, or statement pant/skirt.


Slides are the work equivalent to slippers. While heading back to the office, upgrade your house shoes to a pair of slides. We suggest a statement slide above anything else. Style slides with almost everything for a comfortable WFH inspired office look.

Comfy Pants

Going back to the office doesn’t mean giving up comfy pants. We’ve been living in sweatpants and leggings for weeks, so the thought of jeans and trousers is unfathomable. There are plenty of fashionable, comfortable pants that help incorporate WFH style into the office. The key is elasticity.


Sets have been a favorite during this WFH period. They’re effortless, and you instantly look put together for the Zoom meeting. Trade the pajamas and tie-dye sets for suiting and silky sets while heading back to the office this summer.


We’ve been taking advantage of the “no-heels” lifestyle, and going back to work isn’t going to change that. Add a chic pair of sneakers to the shoe circuit to add a little WFH to your daily office look!



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