How To Be More Sustainable During These Trying Times

It can be hard to try and find a positive spin on things during this trying time. Our daily rituals have been thrown off and we’re all in a state of uncertainty and panic. To be frank—it’s scary, and while it has not been easy for any of us, we’re trying to embrace this time to reset, learn and grow.

The past week we have seen our everyday resources start to run low. Grocery stores are empty due to panic purchasing, and basic household necessities like toilet paper are hot ticket items. Instead of buying in bulk (please leave enough for everyone else), take this time to live a more sustainable life. I know personally, I take my everyday resources for granted but I’ve been challenging myself to practice more sustainable rituals during this time. Here are five personal consumption areas to rethink:

Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Usage

The first items to leave the grocery shelves were toilet paper and other paper products. We don’t usually think about the number of paper products we use during everyday life, so think before you grab a handful of napkins for a water spill. Reduce one paper towel to a mess, half of a paper towel or napkin per meal and only a few toilet paper sheets each bathroom run.

Shop Local

In these times, every business is struggling; one way to put money back into the economy and be more sustainable is to shop locally. Check out the small organic shop across the street from the corporate grocery store – there’s a chance that they’ll still have most of the resources needed. They may be pricier, but they’re going to be more sustainable and easily accessible. If your local businesses are closed (ie salons, coffee shops, retail, etc) purchase a gift card now that you can use in the future. These small purchases directly help small businesses pay their rent, their employees and expenses while having to keep their doors closed at the moment.


People are spending more time at home than ever, which means more energy is used. There are easy ways to reduce ecological footprint during this time, such as: LED lightbulbs, smart power strips, and making sure only the necessary lights/energy are being used.

Prevent Food Waste

Now is not the time to create piles of food waste. Save tonight’s dinner for tomorrow’s lunch, use every part of the ingredient for the meal, and freeze/preserve as much as possible. During these next few weeks, follow these practices and see how easy it is to stretch a meal or ingredient.

Some of my favorite food bloggers like Gourmet Gab, Got Room For More and What’s Gaby Cooking and The Food Network Kitchen App have great ideas on how to cook with ingredients from your pantry and make the most of cooking at home during this time!

Reduce Use of Single Use Plastic

There are mass purchases on single-use plastic, but those single-use plastic bottles should only be used during dire times. I.e., water shut off or if water sources are contaminated. For the time being, people should be refilling reusable water bottles with Brita filtered water or even tap water. This is an easy way to stay sustainable during these times!



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