Hello 2015, nice to meet you!

Happy New Year! The past few days have been filled with friends, adventures and has also given me time to reflect on 2014 and how I want to spend 2015. I am the biggest offender of not following through with resolutions. The only New Year’s resolution I have ever finished was in 2013 and it was the 365 day outfit challenge – you can see my recap here. That resolution challenged me every single day and helped me figure out the direction of my blog, my personal style and was an overall fun resolution. I decided the best kind of goals for me are the ones that don’t require a huge end goal like losing 15 lbs all of a sudden, becoming famous or convincing Justin Timberlake I’m the girl for him (if only). The types of resolutions that work best for me are broad goals that allow me to improve throughout the year, accept challenges and successes, and by 2016, I have learned something new and made myself a better person.

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1. Invest time into my blog

As a full-time college student managing over 18 credit hours, two degrees, a honor’s thesis, two student organizations and a social life, you can imagine how my blog gets shoved into a dark little corner. All of my fellow bloggers will “ditto” when I say that maintaining a blog is hard work. I absolutely love blogging, interacting with my readers and creating memorable and fun content and outfits for you, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to it. Although the next semester will be extremely busy, I know in order to improve my blog and reach more people, I have to be consistent and always improving. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on my blog, let me know!

2. Learn a new hobby

I put a camera on #2 because I love photography. I bought my first professional camera over the summer and am still so lost as to understanding the settings or how to get the correct amount of light. I put this high on my list because it will be fun, something I can do at my own pace and will help improve the quality of my blog.

3. Move out of Arizona

The time has come. I graduate in May and have been telling myself since high school that I would leave Arizona and dive into a new adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arizona and my friends and family here, but I also know that in order to progress my career and be ultimately happy, I need to leave my comfort zone. Last year one of my resolutions was to intern in NYC – I ONLY applied to businesses in New York and after 40 something applications and emails, I was hired at REDBOOK. I am absolutely in love with the city and would move back in a heartbeat; I almost even just put a map of New York as my #3 but I have decided to apply to places in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to see where God wants me to move after graduation.

4. Remain a healthy lifestyle

Shocker… I believe this is on most people’s resolution list. While I normally narrow it to: working out every day, losing weight, get a six-pack, etc, I have decided that I need to lead an overall healthier lifestyle. College has made me a late night-snack eating-alcohol drinking machine and although I do not regret anything I have done, I should probably dust off my running shoes more than 3 times a year or not eat so much bacon (yikes). 2015 is a whole new year and I’m sick of always using the excuse that I’ll be healthy one day, I want to feel good about myself inside and out in 2015.

5. Find balance

Last but certainly not least, I need and want to find balance in my life. As you probably suspected in #1, my life can get hectic and it is hard to balance health, social, school and blog but I want to try figuring that out. Maybe if it’s trying little changes every day or being more efficient on projects, I want to find balance and make sure I work hard and play even harder.

So here is to 2015, to enjoying the adventure, and not focusing on an end result but to celebrating each success and milestone along the way. xo

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