Getting 5 Fits Out of 1 Slip

The slip is a prime example of how undergarments turned into day-wear. Some other examples of these once-scandalous pieces would be bralettes and lace bodysuits. Of course, now, it seems so reasonable to be wearing these types of pieces in public, and it makes some heads turn, but that’s what fashion is for, right? Making people turn their heads and gawk – at least that’s my goal anyway.

Another dream of mine is to be able to wear the same outfit again. I know it’s a fashion sin to outfit repeat, but nobody call the fashion police yet, because I’m going to share with you how you can wear the same outfit again but in a few different ways. All you need is one slip dress and lots of accessories and shoe options.

From Work to Work it

Version one is probably what many young-twenty-somethings struggle to find: a work-appropriate outfit that’s cute. Look no further in your closet than your slip dress and favorite tee.

This look is quite simple and appropriate for (most) offices. If you’re honing in on the ‘work-appropriate’ aspect, make sure your slip dress is a midi dress, or at least long enough to fit into your work’s dress code. Then you’ll want to layer a T-shirt underneath. If your slip has a pattern to it, I recommend going with a neutral, plain tee. Or, if your dress is simple, spice it up with a graphic tee underneath. If your work requires sleeves, throw a thin turtleneck underneath for a more modest and sleek look. Pair with work-appropriate shoes; in most cases, this means close-toed, some jewelry, and grab your work tote on the way out the door. It’s that easy! If you find yourself going to happy hour drinks after work, I recommend snatching your favorite platform sandals or kitten heels and throwing them in your car or under your desk for those after-work-outings.

Blazing Glory

We just came from work, but this outfit is all fun, despite the blazer. A slip and blazer look is so chic that it’s great for any event where it’s not casual, but it is dressier-than-normal. Think brunches, lunch dates, baby showers, etc.

This get-up is as simple as it sounds. Grab your slip and your blazer, and you’re almost done. For this aesthetic, I like to go with an oversized or boyfriend blazer, making my slip look more fitted and sleek. Nothing is worse than looking boxy in a slip that’s supposed to make you look sexy. I highly recommend wearing some strappy heeled sandals that match with your clutch for nicer events. However, the best part about a slip is that you can always dress it up or down. So, if your destination isn’t too posh, throw on some cowboy or combat boots and strut your stuff.


Buckle up, kids, because this isn’t your grandma’s slip. We all love slip dresses, but we don’t like the ill-fitting factor that usually comes with them. Unless you’re model height and slender, you’re probably going to need to add some accessories to give it a better silhouette. The best and easiest way to do so is by adding a belt.

Whether it be the infamous Gucci belt, a generic Target belt, or even a shoelace (yes, I’ve seen this done with laces), this look is simple to create. Step one: grab your desired belt. Step 2: put it on, and voila! Bottom out the look with any seasonal shoe, a matching clutch, and of course, some sunglasses. If you want to add an extra something to your silhouette, add a lightweight jacket to your look. This is great for making the outfit universal, from chilly insides to hot outsides where you can wear it around your shoulders.

Boots Made for Walking

Some say boots are for winter, I say boots are for walking, and that means any season.

The next best way to spice up your plain-looking slip is to add a pair of boots to the look—the options on what kind of boot are endless. If you want to style your slip for a summer look, go more towards the ankle combat boot. Otherwise, your shins and calves may be living in a sauna for a few hours. So as your outfit isn’t too plain-Jane, add some fun sunnies, a hat, and a matching bag. Still too simple for you? Layer some rings, bracelets, and necklaces to give it more depth.


Chunky sneakers are the new black. There are so many different types, they’re comfortable, and they go with everything, including slip dresses. 

I love this type of outfit because what’s better than looking fashionable and being comfortable? Nothing, nothing beats that combo. Because slips are so plain within themselves, it’s effortless to dress them down to a sporty-chic look. All you need is a pair of your favorite trainers, your slip (obviously), and accessories. I try to volumize my accessories for this aesthetic because the focal point of the outfit is very muted and simple. This means chunky earrings and necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and my current summer favorite: scarves. These few things will make your drab slip into a super cute fit.

So there you have it, your one slip turned into 5 completely different outfits! That way you can outfit repeat slightly under the fashion police’s radar.




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