Geometric Bags: The Handbags of Summer

We’re throwing it back to elementary school, and teaching you about shapes today. Why? Because the most significant handbag trend of the summer is geometric-inspired, so it’s time to refresh your memory. Follow below for the geometric bags that are going to be everywhere this summer.


The first and most seen bag is the circle bag. The most popular trend in this purse category are bags made of straw or rattan material. These bags are great for foreign travel, spontaneous beach trips, and great sitting on your shelf.

There are so many variations of the circle bag. Some backpacks mimic moons, circular totes with cut-outs for a chic look, and even half-circle bags that allude the ever-so-famous saddlebag. Whatever variation of this purse you choose, it’s sure to add a fun twist to any outfit! For summer, I recommend pairing this satchel with fruity patterns, geometric earrings, or contrast the bag with square-toed sandals.


Generally thought of as a purse’s true form, square bags can be seen in every brand’s bag lineup. This season we’re gravitating towards acrylic, wicker, and other materials for our square bags.

Box bags also fall into the square bag category. They were initially made popular in the ’40s, and are now considered a vintage silhouette. You can find purses like these in vintage stores, your grandma’s closet, or now popular retailers. Fashion trends repeat themselves, so make sure to grab yourself a square or box bag now!


From Giza to the high-end runways of fashion, the pyramid shape had its resurgence in the form of bags back in 2019’s ready-to-wear.

A greater mystery than the Egyptian pyramids themselves would be the mystery of where your lip gloss is in your purse’s black hole. These triangular bags usually stay small, which is perfect for following the mini purse trend. Pair this type of hand-held with any edgy street trend outfit to make yourself stick out.


Also known as a barrel bag, this style of baggage traditionally found in men’s accessories is switching over to womenswear.

Women have a lot of baggage—no, really, I swear we have to bring everything in our purse! So, sometimes that Jacquemus micro bag just isn’t going to cut it. That’s where the cylinder bag steps in. These bags tend to be bigger, which means we can bring whatever out fashionista heart desires with us!

So next time you’re out bag shopping online, in-stores, or in your relatives’ homes, make sure you use those geometry skills and keep your eye out for a bag in any of these styles.




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