Fruit Fashion: The Pattern of The Summer

What’s the pattern of the season you ask? Well, fruit, of course! Now’s the time of year for fruit patterns to shine and for animal print to stand down. Summer is the time to embrace all the bright colors that fruit has to offer and make our outfits stand out and look fresh! Anything from papaya to strawberries, no fruit is off-limits this time around. They say you are what you eat, so mind your business when our wardrobe is made up of oranges and pineapples. But can you blame us? Just wait and see, because, by the end of the summer with all of these yummy fruits in season, you catch yourself eyeing that blueberry cardi or lemon inspired sneaks. Just let it happen and go with the flow. Fruit will have officially taken over the fashion scene. We’ve listed some inspiration down below to get your fashion juices flowing!


One of the sweetest fruits, so you know you’ll have the sweetest looking outfit of the day. The bold red color is often complemented with a baby pink, which helps give the pattern a more soft and feminine look. We’ve mostly seen this pattern with puff-sleeved dresses, but we’ve gathered some more looks we found that are just the right amount of simple and just the right amount of sweet.


Lemon is one of the best add-ons to any meal, so what makes them any different when it comes to fashion different? We love the lemon look, and the bold yellow brightens our day every time. Adding one of these looks to your wardrobe is just the right amount of zest to spice things up and try something new!


Cherry is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fruits. A perfect topping for a shake and ideal pattern for a dress. Cherries are another fruit that looks amazing paired with light pink and staple accessories. We love the simplicity of this pattern and the daintiness it brings to our summer attire.




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