Hi everyone! We officially made it through another week, and I know you all killed it! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a Friday Favorites, but don’t fret they’re officially back. Today I am sharing my favorite Spring items on the blog. I can’t wait to break out my favorite Spring/Summer 2018 trends. What I really love about Spring is the weather! Spring is the perfect weather because the outfit options are literally endless! During Spring you can wear a nice pair of pants, light jacket, dress, closed or open toed shoes…literally anything if the weather where you are permits! On the list below you will find my favorite: Sunglasses, dresses, outerwear, tops, skirts, pants, and shoes for this Spring! Also make sure to click the right arrow for more items!

If you have any favorites that I’m missing, comment below! I love hearing from you all. Enjoy! xo



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