Friday Favorites: Back-to-School & Work Essentials

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Happy Friday loves! As much as this pains me to say, summer is coming to an end. Today I am rounding up 11 must-have items for going back to work or school! Going back to work/school is the perfect time to get organized and have a fresh start. I know I always like getting a new planner, some new tech accessories and even a few new pens to start a new chapter. Happy Friday! xo


Whether you are heading back to work or school, a planner is essential. A lot of events, due dates, etc. are about to be thrown at you and you need the perfect place to write them down! I always suggest an Erin Condren planner – my planner gives me all the organization I need and you can always customize it and buy additional planner add-ons like sticky notes and notebooks.

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My totes have to stand the test of time because I practically live out of them – from work, the gym, to events – they need to fit everything I need for a long day. I always look for a sturdy bag with durable straps, good quality leather and roomy enough for my laptop and gym shoes.

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Now if you’re heading back to school I’ve rounded up my favorite backpacks! I know for me I always love a good spacious backpack to hold my laptop, books, and binder. Backpacks are a great way to show off your style and personality. Make a statement with one of these backpacks below!

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Now I’m not talking about your average Hello Kitty lunchbox from the 4th grade. Whether you’re in college, or at work, a lunchbox is actually pretty practical – packing your lunch saves you both time and money. Stop using a brow paper bag and grab a fashion forward lunchbox this fall!

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Laptop Cover

Let’s face it, you need a new laptop cover. There is nothing good about walking around with your laptop unprotected or your dirty one from last year. I personally like a laptop cover that shows a little bit of sass and style!

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Phone Case

Out with the old, and in with the new! Yes, a new phone case is essential! I like changing out my phone case at the start of each season. It ensures that my phone is protected and ready for what’s ahead this season.

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Portable Charger

A portable charger is a no brainer. These are essential for long work days, photoshoots and traveling!

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Whether you’re walking to work or studying in the library, it is always good to have headphones! I like how these block out any unwanted sounds, plus they’re better for your eardrums!

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Travel Mug

Personally for me, I am not on my game without a cup of joe! A travel mug is an easy way to fuel your caffeine addiction while on the go. I also love how chic these ceramic cups are!

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Water Bottle

I can’t leave my apartment without a water bottle! It’s great to leave on your desk at work or take with you to the gym afterwards.

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Personally for me I love getting a new pair of sunglasses for back to work/school! Switch up your look this season with a fun color or shape!

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