Fall Hair Color Guide

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Hi guys! I have been questions about my hair recently – my recent hair posts (HERE, HERE and HERE) were pretty successful, so I wanted to share my favorite new fall hair color trends for fall. I see a lot of articles about haircuts, but not that many that talk about switching up your color for new seasons. There are some common trends to follow – go dark for winter and lighter for summer, but doesn’t that feel a little dated?

I love switching up my hair at least once a year, and instead of going dark for fall this year, I wanted to more blonde! For today’s post I’m sharing 5 of my favorite color trends that you’re about to see everywhere! For more hair inspiration, follow my hair Pinterest board HERE,


1. Golden Bronde

This Golden Bronde look is basically everything I aspire my hair to be – it’s a warm blonde-ish brown so it’s not light or too dark for the fall and winter season. The various shades of color will add dimension to your hair and it’s really easy to maintain by adding some pops of highlights every couple of months.



2. Warm Copper

I seriously miss my redhead days. I first started out with a deep red color and eventually went copper. This color perfectly matches the falling leaves, PSL’s (haha) and a fun dramatic change. If you’re naturally a blonde, light brunette or something in-between, this can be a great new color for you!



3. “Grown Out” Roots

Let your lazy girl be free and grow out those roots and don’t bother touching them up! It’s officially trendy for darker, more natural roots to show.  This trend is perfect for me because I rarely have time to upkeep with my color appointments, plus it’s so much healthier for your hair.


cd1f16d20967216c34afb22f1b0d4cbe4.Cinnamon Chocolate


Ditch your caramel highlights this fall and add more dimension to your hair with a little touch of cinnamon chocolate. Doesn’t it sound delicious?! The only difference with this color trend is by just adding auburn tones to your brunette hair. It adds a subtle dimension and color to your hair.



5. Sandy Beige

Yes, that’s right, you can keep your blonde highlights this fall! However, make sure to add some low lights, or opt for an ashier blonde in the mix. It’s a great transition color from your light summer blonde to a darker color for the season.



10. Colorful

This fall there are a lot of lavenders, blues, and dark greens on many heads. If you’re looking for a huge change, dye your hair a funky color! I know I’ve always wanted to do this trend but haven’t actually gone through. However, if you have the guts go for it! I know I love seeing colorful hair as I walk down the street.




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