Easy, Breezy, Summer Hair

As the dreadful summer season sets in (mainly in Arizona), the weather is scorching, sweat is unavoidable and if you’re like me, the last thing you want to deal with is your hair (ain’t nobody got time for that). Keep this summer cool with easy up-dos, braids, beachy waves and hats.


Top Knot– Pull your hair up into a high pony, tease the remainder of the hair and twist into a bun. Secure with an elastic hair-tie or bobby pins.  At the base of the bun attach an oversized bow, flower or tie a scarf around the bun in a bow.

Braided Pony– Part your hair to the side and begin a French braid of the thicker side. When the French braid reaches your temple, continue the basic 3-stranded braid and pull back hair into a high ponytail.

Twisted up-doSection your hair down the middle into two parts; Take one side and twist inwards along the hairline. When the first side is completely twisted, twist onto the nape of the neck and pin. Twist the other side and pin when done.

All three hairstyles can be done with short or long hair and take no more than 5 minutes. These are great dos for a summer internship, girls’ night and the beach. 



FishtailSplit your hair into two sections and take a small piece from the back of section one and bring on top over to section two. Do the same to the other side and repeat until you get to the bottom of your hair and tie in a small elastic hair tie. Once tied, pull gently at the braid to make it fuller and messier.

Braided top knot-Flip over your hair and brush downwards so it’s smooth and tangle-free. Take a section at the nape of your neck and split into 3 sections. Begin a French braid and braid until you hit level with your ears. Gather all of your hair with the braid and secure in a high pony on top of your head; wrap into a bun and secure.

Side braid- Part your hair and French braid along your neckline until you hit the nape of your neck. Tease the rest of your hair and gather into a bun at the nape of your neck.

Beachy waves:

There are three easy ways to successfully attain perfect beachy waves:

1. French braid- When your hair is damp (if you just got out of the shower let it sit for 15-20 min or lightly blow dry it so its manageable) separate your hair into 2 sections and French braid your hair on each side of your head until you have two tight French braid pigtails. Lightly Hairspray or apply product and sleep overnight. When you wake up, take out your braids; run your fingers through and hairspray it. Your hair should be dry by now and have created wavy curls.

2. Curling iron- Take a ½ or ¾ inch curling iron and point it downwards against your hair (start at the base) while you wrap small and large sections around it. Pointing your curling iron downwards creates a softer curl and it helps to alternate from large to small sections for that perfect messy beach hair. Once your hair is curled, run your fingers through and hair spray.

3. DIY beach spray- Make your own DIY beach spray: 2 cups of hot water, 1T salt, 1T coconut oil, 1T hair gel/ conditioner (optional). Spray on wet hair, twist 2-10 sections of your hair and let dry.

Turban headbands and hats:

For those days you don’t feel like washing your hair or just really can’t tame the fro, cover it up with a cute turban headband or hat

Turban headbands are everywhere this season! Plus you can make them yourself (just grab an old t-shirt and go to Pinterest for the DIY tutorials). You can wear them no matter what your hair type is, your personal style or your mood- slap on one of these uber trendy head pieces and stand out in the crowd, in a good way.

There’s no need to refer back to your old baseball cap when having a bad hair day, test out a fedora or the newest trend of wide rim hats/fedora style- LOVE IT! Pair this with big sunglasses when you’re outside and you’ll be set for the summer sun.

Xoxo,Audree Kate 


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