Debunking Old Fashion Rules/Myths

The fashion world has a series of rules for us to follow in our daily lives. For some reason, we’ve followed these rules religiously for decades. No white after labor day, mixing prints, and no mixing brown and black are a few to name. However, these rules/myths along with many others are dated and don’t make sense anymore. Today, we’re going to help you think outside the box and step out of the norm. Today we are debunking five old fashion rules/myths. I know it sounds a little scary, but you won’t regret throwing this old rules to the side!

White After Labor Day

This is an outdated rule that was made to be broken. Of course, you should save your white summer based pieces for that season. However, if you have a white wool coat, sweater, or thick jeans – wear them whenever you want to! We love a good white look no matter the season.

Florals & Animal Prints

Mixing florals and animal prints fall into the mixing prints category. For some reason, in the past, we believed that you had to stick to only one print. Wrong! Mixing animal prints with florals creates a well-balanced look. Just look at the ladies below!

Black & Brown Styled Together

I don’t know who created this myth, but they’re wrong. Black and brown can blend well together. It just depends on what you choose to mix. Style a black top with brown pants or vice versa. Key pieces like jackets, purses, and shoes are also top players when it comes to mixing these colors.

Sequins & Metallics Can Only Be Worn At Night

We have been scared to think that sequins and metallics are only for nights. However, that is a false myth. To confidently style these pieces during the day mix them with more subtle pieces. Mixing statement and classic pieces will create a healthy balance.

No Mixing Gold & Silver

It has been hammered into our brains that gold and silver don’t blend well together. This is an old rule that doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t gold and silver go together? They’re both metallics. Throw this backward rule to the side and start blending these two metallics, today!




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