Day 9: Gifts For Him

Let’s face it; buying for guys is the most stressful part of holiday shopping. But have no fear! Here’s our guide to picking out a thoughtful and original present for the man in your life.

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Key to giving a great gift:

Figure out what he’s into. Does he love winter sports? Look into some state-of-the-art snowboarding accessories. Is he an aspiring chef? Shop around for gourmet ingredients, cookbooks or even a cooking lesson. It’s all about finding ideas that you can build on that he would never expect.

To get you started, here are a few suggestions….

For the Gamer….

Settlers of Catan:  If you haven’t played this board game then you’re seriously missing out. It requires the perfect combination of strategy and competition for all guys to enjoy. In fact, it’s scary how often my friends hold their “Settlers” boys’ nights. If he’s already a master settler, look into an expansion pack for the game.
($36.00 on

For the Liquor Connoisseur

Whiskey stones: It’s no secret that men love their whiskey. Now they can feel extra classy with some custom whisky ice cubes that will keep their drink cool without diluting the flavor.
($20.00 at Crate & Barrel)

For the Athlete

Snowboarding Audio Hookup: This is a great gift for anyone who loves winter sports! The audio pads fit inside most helmets and provide a hands free way to listen to music on the slopes. I saw these a few weeks ago and I couldn’t tell you how jealous I was as I fumbled to adjust my ear buds, gloves and iphone down the mountain.
($50.00 on

For the sharp looker….

It sounds silly, but sometimes a quality cardigan is all it takes for guys understand how easy it is to look polished. Who knows, maybe it will inspire him to update his winter wardrobe.
($20.00 H&M)

For the adventurer…

If material gifts aren’t his thing, look into an experience. Groupon and LivingSocial are great places to snag deals on pilot lessons, paintball parties, racecar driving and even wine tastings. These are my favorite gifts because they’re thoughtful, unique and create lasting memories you can experience together.


For the entrepreneur…

One trend this holiday season is “gift of the month” subscriptions. Pay in advance for that special someone to receive gift boxes throughout the year. From neckties to cigars to craft beers or manly cosmetics; there is a box for everyone. Starting at about $20/month, subscription gifts keep the spirit of the holidays alive for months to come.

 For the romantic….

(Disclaimer: If you’re not looking for a sappy gift stop reading now). Homemade gifts are the simplest way to show someone you care without breaking the bank. Consider making him a warm blanket to snuggle up to when you’re not around. Even if you don’t know your way around a sewing machine, Pinterest has a million DIY projects that are needle free!


By Contributing Writer: Chloe Bosmeny


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