Day 8: More the Merrier- Layering Your Clothes For Winter

Now that it’s sweater weather, I find that I don’t stray very far from the oversized sweater, leggings, and boots uniform. It’s easy to get in a slump when warm weather goes into hiding and become a victim of the “outfit repeater” syndrome…like I am lately. The beautiful thing about this time of year is that the cooler temperatures give us the opportunity to layer!


 Layering, and wearing leggings of course, will forever be my favorite thing about winter wardrobes. Not only does layering keep you extra warm on even the most blustery of days, but it also is a fashionable way to break up the boring uniform we usually resort to. If done properly, layering will make a bold statement, without the fear of being frumpy.

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 A general rule to follow is balance. If you are wearing more layers on your top half, stick to something slim on the bottom (this is where leggings come in handy). One of my favorite things this season is layering a denim chambray shirt underneath a chunky sweater so that the collar pops out and I am able to fold up the sleeves to show as well. Vests are also a hot piece this season, fur vests especially. They also look great with denim chambray (can you tell I just really love chambray?) I will usually pair this top combo with leggings, skinny jeans, or tights if my sweater is long enough. My shoes will either be ankle boots, tall riding boots, or flats if it is not too cold outside. To accessorize, I love wearing a necklace and tucking it under the collar of the chambray shirt. My rose gold watch is an essential to any outfit I wear, and looks especially good as part of this ensemble. Some other accessory ideas are chunky scarves, beanies, and tall socks to wear with boots.

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 Layering can also be a part of your going out wear too! A night out on the town calls for tights to put under your party dress. Don’t be shy with the tights you choose, you only have a few months out of the year to break them out of your closet, so make the most of it! Some season favorites include sparkly, polka dots, colored, or any that are textured. The plain black, opaque tights will also do the job, but they don’t add as much pizzazz as the other options I listed.


 Above all else, have fun with your winter outfits! Fashion these days doesn’t really follow a whole bunch of set guidelines. Be daring by mixing prints and textures or by including a bright color element to make a statement.

 What’s your favorite way to layer during the winter? We want to know! Leave a comment below or send a tweet to @simplyaudreek to share your ideas.


By Contributing Writer: Kelly Burleson


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