Day 6: Winter Makeup

It’s winter time so a whole new set of colors is coming, but this does not mean just in our wardrobe. The colors for make up are changing too. No more bright shadows, it is time for warm browns, violets, grays, black, golds and eye liner!


One of the most popular eye looks right now is the cat eye eyeliner. An easy and simple way to look done up is to simply do cat eyes and mascara. This look goes great casual or dressed up. To make it a little more fun or dress it up more you can add a dark lip like a red or wine color, or even purple. You can also layer this cat eye liner over any shadows.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 1.45.52 PM

 Something to remember is when doing light eyes you want to do a dark lip. For example if you have light brown or gold shadows on it would be best to pair it with a dark lipstick like a berry color. Dark eyes can go either way with lips, you can do either a light or a dark lip stick. A gray and black smokey eye would look great with a dark burgundy or red lip to be more dramatic while a gray and violet smokey eye would look good with a dark nude. It all depends what occasion the look is for.

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As for cheeks you are going to want to go with a light bronzer covered by a soft pink blush. A bronzer tip: if you do not have a light bronzer you can use a darker foundation like your summer time one. You do not want to go with too dark of a bronzer because that is more for summer. Again for the blush choose a lighter pink, even one with a shimmer to brighten your face.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 2.32.13 PM

With any of these looks you will be ready for the winter and all of your fabulous winter outings like holiday parties and New Years. For a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party go a little more dramatic with gold shimmery eyeshadow and dark liner. This will make your eyes pop and sparkle and looks good on all colored eyes. Don’t forget that dark lip to top off your look. It’s the end of the year so go out with a bang and exaggerate those features.

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By Contributing Writer: Brittany Lawrence

(Pictures from Pinterest)


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