Holiday hairstyles become some of my favorites because of people’s lack of inhibition. The holidays become one long costume party where people take a chance with their looks and dare to be bold. This season’s hair trends consist of ombré, braids, jewels, and headbands, things that have become staples in the world of fashion, but you don’t have to be the next Tyra or Naomi to make these trends your own.

Ombré is a hair trend that is still going strong and is in style all year round! Edgy and sassy, ombré is the perfect update for your hair, all while being  pretty low maintenance. Instead of adding highlights to your hair that require regular upkeep, try ombré instead. Because ombré hair is from dark to light with the top of your head usually being your natural color, and the ends being lighter, it is hassle free (no roots)! Blonde is usually the color ombré fades to, but this holiday season why not try another color like red, or a reverse ombré from light to dark!

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Braids are a timeless hairstyle that I don’t see becoming outdated any time soon. Although they have evolved in recent years, they still have the same look people love! From the normal braid, to French, to fishtail, there is a braid for e everyone. This would also be an appropriate time to give thanks to LC during “The Hills” era for the bang braid that has forever changed the way women, young and old, have styled their hair.

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Jeweled headbands are an easy way to update your hair without making any permanent changes. Jewels are a big trend this year and are being seen on many hair accessories, but especially headbands. Take your top knot, ponytail, or lazy hair day to the next level by slipping one of these bad boys into your hair. Headbands take care of fly-aways and frizz, and hide greasy hair with ease. They will keep you looking polished at all times with minimal stress and effort.

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What’s your favorite way to accessorize your hair during the holidays? Let us know by sending a tweet to @simplyaudreek!

By Contributing Writer: Kelly Burleson


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