Day 12: Men’s Winter Fashion

Wintertime is not an opportunity solely for women to accessorize. It may not initially seem “manly,” but there are ways for the men in your life to accessorize in a burly way. So for all you ladies who believe your man to be doomed this season, pay attention! And fellas, if you’re reading, these tips are for you too. Don’t get caught in the cold-with a boring outfit- this winter! Bundle up with scarves (‘man” scarves, that is) and beanies, dress up an everyday button up shirt with a cool bow tie, and leave the sneakers at home and step in the right direction with boots. Forget about the ratty sweatshirt you transition from the gym to everyday wear, and take a journey into the land of men’s fashion!


Menswear is really a lot of fun once it is given some time and energy. I was browsing Urban Outfitters while Christmas shopping for my brother, and had almost more fun looking at all of the possibilities in the men’s department than the section of my own! Then it dawned on me. The reason I was so intrigued is because men have all of these fashion-forward clothing options at their disposal, but they never get taken advantage of. Gentlemen! Why do you insist on wearing the same pair of basketball shorts for every occasion? Do yourself a favor and ditch the athletic clothes for a more put-together look. I guess it’s more than perfect timing that the new year is right around the corner…


Simple additions like scarves and beanies will keep you warm, all while adding a cool touch of flair to your day-to-day ensembles. For nights worth “suiting up,” bow ties of different prints and colors are a unique alternatives to the usual button up. Although it is a small addition, it makes a world of a difference. One of my personal favorite things about wintertime is seeing all of the different footwear options that come out of the woodwork. Boys, I’m not sure if you know this, but there is more to life than Nike and New Balance. While they are both outstanding brands that I love dearly, use this winter to explore other options in the form of boots. Whether combat or not, ladies don’t discriminate; in fact we love the change in pace.

It isn’t hard to change little things in a man’s winter wardrobe that in turn, yield big differences. Men’s fashion is everywhere, just waiting to be picked instead of sweats. It may take three extra minutes to put thought into your outfit, but trust me on this one guys, people will notice-in a good way, of course! To the ladies of SAK, happy shopping! We know it’s you who actually does the shopping 😉


By Contributing Writer: Kelly Burleson

P.S. Check out my favorite men’s fashion blog  I AM GALLA. Some of his pictures were featured in this post! The style is great… and so is the eye candy (you’re welcome) xoxo SAK



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