Dating in the Big Apple: What It’s Really Like

birds-eye view photo of city buildings with fog

Like any twenty-something girl in New York City, I’ve dipped my toes into the dating pool. Before moving to NYC, I had dated in high school and college, but nothing could have prepared me for what it’s like to date in NYC. Here’s what it’s like to date in the Big Apple.

Dating in New York City is overwhelming. There are thousands of people to choose from when it comes to dating. In college or at home, there were a select few because everybody knew everyone. When I started dating here I was on Hinge, because it was the simplest way to weed through the large dating pool.

Dating here (or anywhere) is pretty time-consuming. I tend to work long hours, so it was hard for me to dedicate time to dating. After a long day, it’s hard getting on a dating app to chat with a stranger or even go on a first date. It takes a lot of time to actually date, but it’s worth putting in the time because who knows who you’re going to meet.

There’s no way around it; dating is sometimes uncomfortable. A date can be awkward, and I’ve been on a few. At a certain point, you have to look at it as free entertainment for an hour or so. Being uncomfortable is part of the fun of dating, it’s how you learn.

The men in New York City are very straightforward, and so is dating here. I appreciate this, I feel like nobody wants their time wasted, and it’s refreshing. 

Dating here is so much fun. I’ve gone on dates with people where it didn’t work out, but those were great experiences. By going on dates, it allows me to experience a new restaurant, exhibit, bar, or anything, and it’s an adventure for sure. 

I also love dating in the city because it’s a great excuse to get dressed up. I always look up where we’re meeting to dress appropriately, but getting dressed for a first date is a fun challenge. I have a few go-to date outfits that always help me feel my best, and you can shop them below.

Dating in New York City is rewarding. Hinge is my go-to dating app, and I chose the app because of its motto, “The dating app meant to be deleted.” When I started dating, I wasn’t taking things too seriously, but I’ve matched with some great guys, and I’ve even dated a couple beyond the first date. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want from my dating experiences here. Overall, dating in New York City is a fun and rewarding challenge!



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