Creative Ways to Style a Scarf Into a Summer Bag

Silk scarfs have become one of the most popular accessories in 2020, and it’s no mystery why! They are easily the most versatile accessory that most of us already have lying around in our closets.

Scarfs made a big splash when we learned of all the different ways to tie them into tops, but that was only the beginning! If you’re looking for a creative, new way to style your scarf, try this! We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to style a scarf into a chic summer bag! The best part: no sewing is required!

You can try this trend out with any square scarf or bandana. There are so many options regarding the size and style of scarves and how you chose to style it, so the possibilities are endless.

You can create the perfect bag for any occasion by experimenting with different knotting techniques. A smaller bag adds a chic touch to an outfit for a night out, and it’s also perfect for holding the essentials. A larger bag is ideal for a beach day and has enough space to carry more items.

Okay, so you may be thinking, “that’s cute, but there’s no way I’d know how to make a bag on my own.” Don’t worry, because the Instagram blogger, Janette Ok, has documented the process step by step!

For all those visual learners out there, here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to achieve some of these looks:




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