Cher’s Most Daring and Iconic Beauty Moments

There are only a handful of women who define a decade. Even less who can transcend time and are still remembered today. Red-carpet mainstays like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are known for pushing the boundaries of fashion and beauty, but the original red-carpet renegade can be seen in all of them.

Cher was the original. The blueprint. She dismissed what was deemed “acceptable” red carpet attire and dared to be extreme. Who can forget the iconic “naked” dress designed by her longtime collaborator Bob Mackie for the 1974 Met Gala that shocked the fashion world and spawned a thousand look-a-likes we still see on the red carpet today? Yeah, Cher did it first. Her makeup looks are just as well-remembered. Anyone can recognize the star’s signature waist-length locks in a middle part and bold lashes that inspired a throwback trend in 2017 not to mention countless Halloween costumes and YouTube videos.

The “Goddess of Pop” broke all the rules and paved the way for the Rihannas and Kim Kardashians to be their most daring selves. Her beauty looks, in particular, set the bar high over her five-decade-long career. She easily shifted from bohemian tresses and out-to-there lashes to a mane of disco curls and multi-colored shadow. The #1 hit maker has taken risks with punk-inspired bleached hair and even bedazzled wigs and still manages to pull it off like a pro.

Let’s take a look back at 10 of the style icon’s most daring and iconic makeup and hair moments over her career from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. For our more beauty-savvy readers, get inspired because some of these looks still hold up today!


The beauty focus of this decade was on the eyes and Cher definitely played up the mod look to perfection. The star went to the extreme with heavy black liner, exaggerated cut crease and lashes.


By the early ‘70s, she ditched the bangs and layers in favor of a middle part and long length for her raven hair. Here she opts for a simple face with emphasis on the eyes thanks to her long lashes.


It’s no secret Cher loves sparkle. Her strategically placed sequins and bedazzled flair aren’t just for gowns, she incorporated sparkle into her lip color, and perfectly matched her blue and purple shadow to her feathered headdress for the perfect showgirl outfit on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.


Again, the style icon coordinated her multi-colored shadow and signature lashes with a fabulous floral printed outfit and accessories for the Oscars. 


Never afraid of being too over-the-top, Cher bedazzled her eyes and forehead to match her sequined wings. She added a bold blue shadow to complete the look.


This time a rainbow eye without the matching outfit. Bold blue and coral shadow are definitely unexpected, but defying expectations is typical for the red-carpet icon.


‘80s Cher experimented with edgy hairstyles. She went for the big chop and made it even more punk with frosted spikes. 


Is there a hairstyle the style star hasn’t tried? Cher pumped up the volume with this very-‘80s rocker mullet. It’s definitely show-stopping and reminds me of her beloved feathered headpieces.


Before Kim K did it at the 2019 Met Gala, Cher rocked the “wet” look with a mane of loose curls and a smoky eye in 1987.


Did I mention Cher loves sparkle? This rhinestone-studded wig, sparkling eye makeup, and shimmering outfit are emblematic of everything Cher.




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