Celebrity Influence on the Fashion Industry

The obsession with celebrities and pop culture is nothing new, and it should come as no shock that stars are the original influencers. Celebrities from the beginning of time have been endorsing products, brands, and what they wear. Each year there’s a standout celebrity when it comes to influencing fashion. In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton ruled the scene; The Kardashian’s ruled the 2010’s (their rein is still prevailing), and Hailey Bieber is currently killing the celebrity fashion game right now.

Whenever a celebrity outfit goes viral online, the exact pieces or replicas sell out in minutes. Along with parts being sold out, fans and influencers try to replicate or put their spin on their outfits. As our world enters a new era, celebrities will continue to skew consumer’s shopping patterns.

Hailey Bieber’s athletic streetwear fashion sense has taken the world by storm. Gen Z girls are turning to Hailey as their style inspiration; muted tones, high waisted denim, day appropriate sweatpants are all key pieces to Hailey’s style. Bella Hadid is another street style star. Her comfy but high-end aesthetic is something that all girls around the world try to achieve. Kaia Gerber has made her way into the street style scene with her model off duty style. These young models aren’t going anywhere, and neither is their influence on the fashion industry. Shop their key street style pieces below!


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