Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Girls to Rock This Summer

Hot girl summer is every summer. With in-store shopping closures beginning to lift, we finally have the opportunity to go somewhere other than the grocery store and be seen. Hair salons are finally reopening, and bookings are filling up, so look no further than this list of the best on-trend hairstyles for Black women to rock this summer. Today, more and more Black women have embraced the beauty of their natural hair—especially since quarantine made it impossible to maintain a blowout—so get inspired by these styles for all types of hair aesthetics. Keep scrolling for some of the best products to use for these styles. Switch up from a ‘fro to goddess locs and have people wonder how you grew out your hair so fast overnight.

High Braided Ponytail 

Laura Harrier’s braided pony is perfect for those sweltering hot days; hair is high and away from the face and grazes the shoulders. To get Laura’s look, wrap a section of braids around the ponytail to hide the hair tie. Incorporate added hair to make braids thicker and achieve your desired length. Don’t forget to lay those baby hairs with some lightweight edge control, like the Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Edge Tamer that’s My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) approved!

Long Knotless Box Braids

Surely, this hair trend has already taken over your Instagram feed. Box braids are the usual go-to protective style for Black girls, but unlike regular box braids, knotless ones are created by adding synthetic hair to a person’s natural hair in small pieces. This produces a braid that lays flat to the scalp without a knot at the root. This protective style puts less tension on the scalp, and you won’t have to worry about doing your hair for four to six weeks. It takes about five to nine hours to install depending on your stylist, so cancel your day plans, but you can start styling immediately after without waiting days for the braids to loosen up. Make sure to keep your braids protected at night to keep them looking fresh.

Goddess Locs

I, for one, am incredibly partial to this style for commitment-free dreads. Goddess locs are distinguished from faux locs by their wavy ends. It’s the perfect protective style for the summer and so versatile—do it up in a bun or two, leave it half up half down, or accessorize with hair jewelry and thread.

A few things to note: The smaller the locs, the more packs of hair you’ll need, and the heavier it will be. It’s a very low-maintenance style to have, just remember to wrap your hair at night. They last for about three months, so this is a great style that can survive the summer. For moisturized relief from scalp dryness, use a spray like Vernon François Scalp Nourish-Ment Braids & Locs Spray (also great for braids!). This style takes anywhere from four to nine hours to do, depending on factors like the technique used, length, and thickness, but it’s completely worth the wait!

Passion Twists

This hair-do is another trendy protective style with a twist. Inspired by goddess locs, passion twists are two-strand twists with a boho vibe. Install with the knotless root method for the best results, according to the creator Kailyn Rogers. Apply a setting foam to tame flyaways and keep your twists looking neat. They take approximately three to eight hours to install and last up to eight weeks. They’re perfect for the free-spirited, carefree Black girl.

Sleek Braid

Super sophisticated and ever-so sleek, this is easily manageable with added hair. You can braid it in any style you choose and add drama by incorporating hair accessories. For the visual learners, click this link for a great YouTube tutorial to create the perfect braided ponytail.

Long Straight Hair 

It’s all about that bone-straight waist-length mane à la Cher in the ’60s and early ’70s. Keep it shiny and glossy for the most desirable look. For those of us who can’t seem to grow our hair past our shoulders, it’s time to shop for lace fronts.

Wavy Bob 

Short cuts need love too! Bobs have been all the rage for a few seasons now, but that doesn’t mean you have to get the big chop. Easily recreate this wavy look with a wig in a shorter micro-bob style or longer neck-length look.


This is a simple hairstyle achieved through braiding, cornrowing, or twisting sections of the hair. For more curls, make more braids/twists. For the best results, braid or twist after the hair is freshly washed and still damp. Let dry overnight or during the day and release your newfound curls when hair is dry. Fluff it out for more volume!


An oldy but a goody and it’s so simple the steps are right in the name! Whether you’re a 3A gal or a 4C babe, all our curls are beautiful! Scrunch in a bit of curl cream or spritz a little refresher for defined and hydrated curls. For my 4C ladies whose shrinkage and dryness may be a major concern, apply a leave-in moisturizer or curl stretcher to maximize the length of your tresses and keep them nourished.




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