Best Hairstyles for the Scorching Summer Heat

We love summer as much as the next girl, but let’s face it, rising temps, increasing humidity, and the scorching summer sun aren’t exactly the formula for a good hair day. Keeping our hair in check is one of the few struggles of summer. On the hottest days, all we want to do is throw our hair up and away from our faces. And while we’ve always been a big fan of a good ole high pony or classic topknot, lately we’ve been on the lookout for new hot summer day hairstyles. Below are five of the best hairstyles to try on a scorching summer day. They keep frizz at bay, get your hair off the back of your neck, and pull it away from your face—aka everything you could ask for from a summer style. Keep reading to try them out for yourself.

Low Bun

Low buns are messy bun’s chicer older sister, and they’re great for summer. Gather your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck and secure with a hair tie. You can pin back flyaways or pull a few face-framing bits out, up to you! This look is just as natural as a messy bun and looks effortless.

Claw Clip

Claw clips have been all the rage in the past few months, and we’ll be adding this look to our summer style lineup. Channel Hailey Bieber and twist your hair back and secure with one of these ’90s-inspired accessories. This look is great for when you want to get your hair off of your face in a pinch.

Hair Scarf Headband

Silk scarves have been a mainstay in our wardrobe for years now, and this summer, we’re using them to achieve the perfect summer hairstyle. Use a silk scarf to pull your hair back bandana-style or folded more like a classic tie-headband. Either way, this look is great for scorching summer days spent outside or by the beach.

Pigtail Braids

After being spotted on multiple Spring/Summer 2020 runways during fashion week, pigtail braids are quickly becoming one of the trendiest styles of the season. We rocked this style throughout our summer camp days, but now, the grown-up version is equally perfect for summer. Split your hair into two sections and loosely braid it back for a nostalgic yet stylish look.

Clipped Back

If you couldn’t tell yet, we’re obsessed with hair accessories! Hair clips are no different! Use them to clip flyaways up into you bun, pull hair away from your face, or even pin back your quarantine bangs. These clips are so versatile for finishing off summer hairstyles, so its’ a great idea to always have them on hand.



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