I like to think that there is only one rule in fashion: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Fashion week attire should be no exception! Before you put together an extravagant outfit straight off the runway, take a minute to think about your schedule for the week ahead. Realistically, as a fashion week guest, you may attend anywhere from 3-8 shows a day, each of them in a different section of the city, so the goal is to minimize outfit malfunctions and travel time by any means possible. Lucky for us, the latest trends, such as menswear and athliesure, are some of the most comfortable fads the industry has entertained since the era of Juicy Couture tracksuits (RIP).

Most fashion week street style photos make it seem as if attendees have been planning their outfits for months, probably opting to use their rent check to invest in a new pair of Balenciaga boots or a Birkin bag. This is not the case considering that unpredictable weather and a tight schedule mean outfits are all about function. The challenge of fashion week attire lies within putting together an outfit that will get you from point a to point b quickly. Seasoned professionals know that going from Tribeca to the Upper East Side and back in stilettos is near impossible unless you are Carrie Bradshaw, but this does not mean you have to look boring!

Selena Gomez attended the Coach SS 18 ready to wear show in only a pair of embroidered jeans, a black shirt, brown booties, and a leather jacket. Her exceptionally chic look embodied the brand to which she is an ambassador, and made getting through a day full of events a breeze.

I believe it is important that you don’t alienate your personal style for the sake of fashion week. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you will be when you are meeting people throughout the day. If you love wearing dresses, wear a dress. If your uniform is a blazer and jeans, perfect! Remember that while this is your chance to experiment with style, you can still be yourself! Try adding accessories like a beret, some fun sunnies, or a metallic boot to your go-to outfits to shake things up!

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As for Fashion week volunteers, the dress code will not be so open-ended. When you receive a confirmation email about your volunteer status, the show coordinator will also give you guidelines for what to wear. More often than not, when you are working behind the scenes you will be required to wear all black. If dress is not specified, I highly recommend sticking to all black attire anyway (better safe than sorry). It is also wise to wear comfortable shoes. Chances are you will be asked to carry around garment bags, seat guests, fill gift bags, or dress models; all of which require you to be quick on your feet. I typically choose to wear black studded loafers or leather sneakers; fashion and function don’t always have to be from two different planets!

Fashion week is all about balance. Find your happy medium between form and function, between the old and new, and professional and fashionable, and you are sure to be a success!

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