Beaded Accessories Are Back

Beads have entered the chat yet again. Beaded everything is back, and we are 100% into it. From bags to glasses chains to jewelry, the options are endless. This trend is the perfect way to add a little extra texture to your everyday look. If you’re into the DIY scene, then we highly recommend you try this one out. You can do any color story or design to these accessories, so it’s the perfect way to make something your own. The bag may be difficult, but if you’re next level, then we challenge you to that! Aside from choosing a variety of colors, there’s also the option of using pearl beads for a more neutral and classy look. We’ve got you covered with all of the inspiration, so you’ll either want to add to cart or get your creative juices flowing and create one of these beauties yourself!


The beaded jewelry trend has been one of our favorites lately. Whether you choose to DIY your new jewelry stack or purchase from an Instagram shop, there are so many different colorways. If you’re not feeling color, then you can always go for the pearl beads. These are perfect for a more neutral and will elevate your outfit.

Sunglasses Chains

We don’t know about you, but we are excited to twin with our grandma at the next family get-together. Like anything these days, vintage is in! It’s time we start embracing it and bringing these pieces back to life. Sunglass chains are the perfect summer accessory, and a necessity if you’re lucky enough to live that lake or beach life. These make the cutest fashion statement, but they’re also practical, so you’ll never worry about losing your sunnies again!


We can’t help that we’re bag (and bead) obsessed. Beaded bags are next level. They’re not the most functional bag, but they are perfect for making a statement. Plus, they’ll complement any look, and provide a breezy ora! These beaded beauties will take you anywhere you need to go this year!




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