Asia’s Street Trends That are a Must-Follow This Season

It’s nothing new that America is the last to adopt the latest trends. Usually, those trends originate in Europe from the notorious runways of Gucci, Prada, Jacquemes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other fashion houses. However, what about street style? The grunge, the chains, the harnesses, the slo-mo strut videos? Those all come from Asia’s knack for all things streetwear. Of course, Asia has been prominent America’s streetwear inspiration, but it seems that this season has had an extraordinary resurgence in the aesthetic. But why?

A huge part of it may have to do with the Chinese app everyone has been obsessed with as of late: TikTok. Formerly known as, the app has a music library to which users can create videos to the same sound, whether it be choreographed dances, funny stories, or creating your own sound/video trend. With over 30 million active American users on the app, it can be pretty easy to go viral in minutes.

Insert TikTok user @eromei created a montage of iconic Asian streetwear moments, with videos earning over 3 million likes and 15 million views. Since its eruption, the TikTok and fashion community have been obsessed with Asia’s street style and the trends within them. Don’t have TikTok? Here are Asia’s street trends that are a must-follow this season.

All Black

Not solely attributed to Chinese fashion, all-black outfits have been and always will be trending. However, China’s fashion citizens take the all-black look to the next level with patterns, leathers, chains, and other accessories.

To achieve this streetwear look, choose black garments with patterns or textures, rips, stripes, and tie-dyes. This will give your outfit different dimensions rather than just all solid black. Make it fun with accessories like masks (you should be wearing one right now anyway), leather accents, geometric sunglasses, chains, and fresh kicks.

Loud Patterns

If there’s one thing that Asia’s street market does well, it’s loud patterns. When you think Asian clothing, you probably think of silks, calligraphy, and trends. From tattoo-like collages to sunset sceneries, no one makes patterns look as good as the Asian streetwear community.

Not sure how to mix and match patterns? My rule of thumb is to stay in the same color scheme. The patterns can be mixed and matched from stripes to plaids to polka dots, but if there are too many colors, the outfit will be drowning in chaos. Add solid-colored pieces to break up the patterns and tie them together. It’s usually hard to put two bold patterns right next to each other and make them look like they’re supposed to go along. Lastly, mix up the outfit with different textures like leather, vinyl, or fur to incorporate a “3D pattern.”

Coupled Up

Every year during Seoul and Tokyo Fashion Week, the trendiest couples walk the streets. Their couple status is not only given by the in-sync strut or the hand-holding, but also by their matching outfits.

As of late, unisex clothing has become more and more pronounced in the fashion industry. It’s become more normalized for men to wear what was initially considered “feminine” garments, and for women to wear male-inspired pieces. Unisex clothing is the happy medium of these two, where pieces aren’t defined as ‘women’s’ or ‘men’s’ clothing, so no matter what you identify as these pieces can be for you.

Match your significant other with unisex articles of clothing, or imitate each other’s outfits with similar color schemes and patterns.


On the opposite end of the all-black-trend spectrum is the pastel trend. However, like the all-black trend, the pastel trend was introduced to the American fashion industry at the beginning of spring. However, what I don’t seem to be seeing is the street style side of pastels.

To achieve this lighter, more playful side of streetwear, focus on over-sized and baggy clothing that falls in this color scheme. These can be pieces like trench coats, matching suit pieces, deconstructed tie-dyed denim, and sneakers with pastel detailing. Accessorize with colored sunglasses, colorful hair clips, color-block purses, and bold enough, pastel-colored hair. To add another hint of the grungy to your style, always adorn yourself with chains and mismatched earrings.

Suits with a Twist

You may be thinking that suits are just for office spaces but when it comes to Asian street trends, that’s where that notion is proven wrong. Take a stroll down the streets of Seoul, Shanghai, or Tokyo, and you’ll find that everyone is dressed head to toe in suitings, blazers, and slacks. However, their pristine professional attire isn’t just for their day-jobs, but for their street style aesthetic.

How can a suit be considered street style? Well, if you wear it as intended, it’s probably not. The way these Asian influencers take officewear to streetwear is by putting their own edgy twists on tailored products. Think oversized suiting, chains galore, harnesses, and utility belts that can hold all your day-to-day needs. Achieve this style by utilizing any of the listed accessories, plus mismatched jewelry, chunky shoes, and a posse that no one wants to come between.




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