Affordable Menswear for the Young Professional

Even though you may be an intern, dressing like an executive is always an essential part of a job, even if it’s not listed in the description. This soft skill may be harder for some to execute, and this is especially so for men. In the past decade or so, men’s fashion has been coming out of the woodwork. Of course, fashion for men has always been around, but now there are more sizes, styles, and colors created for men. Not to mention the recent liberation of men wearing traditionally thought of as ‘feminine’ clothing.

Thankfully, this renaissance of all-inclusive clothing has opened the doors to the possibilities of men’s fashion. However, in work situations, there are usually dress codes to abide by, and these can differ significantly based on where you work and what kind of job. These dress codes can range from snappy casual, business casual, and business professional.

So, in an industry predominately dominated by female-focused clothing brands, where is a man to shop for job-appropriate attire that fits the dress code and won’t make him look like his dad? Here are a few.


Coming in at number one is Topman, a brother branch of the British brand, Topshop. Topshop and Topman are well-known for having a large selection of products ranging in price from very affordable to breaking-the-bank. This makes it great for all consumer demographics and gives you plenty of styles and options to choose from. This wide range of selection also allows you to shop for dress codes from casual to black-tie!

Topman also has a wide variety of accessories. Rings, necklaces, and hats are all great add-ons to outfits for men! Be bold and break the stigma of ‘jewelry is just for girls’ because accessorizing will make you stand out in a crown of bland businessmen. Jewelry brings a finalized and put-together look to your outfit, whether in the boardroom or breakroom.


H&M is the place to look for workwear without breaking the bank. Unlike Topshop/Topman, H&M products tend to stay below the $100 range, which is great for a new job, a shopping spree!

At H&M, you can find casual sweaters and button-ups perfect for pairing with the assortment of blazers they provide. Because most H&M pieces are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, this means that the fabrics and garments are usually thinner and made of cheaper material. This makes these pieces great for layering because you won’t be shrouded with cotton and wools, sweating to death in your cubicle.

Goodthreads on Amazon

If your office space only requires business casual, Goodthreads, an Amazon brand, is the best. You may think that Amazon wouldn’t have quality products, but that’s where you’re wrong. In the previous years, Amazon has been stepping up their fashion game, providing high-quality brands like Cole Haan, alongside affordable brands like Wrangler.

Now, Amazon has launched its private label, Goodthreads. This brand has casual products that are great for business casual office attire or any off-duty for the workaholic. Complete with polos, button-ups, chinos, and casual jackets, Goodthreads is stylish and affordable. The best part about all their pieces is pretty minimalistic in style, which means they’re adaptable for any season, day, or occasion.


Founded on what they call ‘Radical Transparency,” Everlane is the best place to shop ethically and resourcefully. Radical Transparency, to Everlane, means finding the best and most ethical factories around the world to bring you quality products. They aren’t big on trends, so their site is full of necessary staples and minimalistic designs that can last you years.

The best practice to live by in fashion is to buy staples and basics that you can mix and match to create new and exciting outfits, and Everlane is the perfect place to do so. This is especially true with workwear. Even though you’ll most likely spend a lot of your time in the office, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of your money on the office too.

Equipped with long-lasting sweaters, shoes, and tees, Everlane’s price point matches that of Zara’s, and they have a huge selection of sale items, as well as full-priced items. And if your ‘working man’ role also requires travel, Everlane has the best prices for quality travel bags like briefcases, duffels, and backpacks.


Last, but definitely not least, is ASOS. Unlike Everlane, ASOS is the place for on-trend items. Full of printed button downs, plaid pants, and all sorts of accessories, ASOS is for the fashion-forward.

Much like Topshop, ASOS’s price range can go from low to high. These price ranges include chinos, non-ripped jeans, loafers, sneakers, basically anything you need! ASOS is also filled with paired basics like a plain white and black tee, underwear, and sock packs, and even jewelry and sunglasses packs. The simple shopping makes ASOS the perfect one-stop-shop.




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