Accessories That Add a Romantic Touch to Any Look

Something about the romantic style makes me wish I was getting lost wandering the quaint streets of a village in Italy.

Earlier this summer, we showed you ways you can incorporate romantic style into your wardrobe. Today, we’re here to show you how you can add a romantic touch to any look! Start with a basic outfit; you can’t go wrong with jeans and a neutral colored top! Follow below for accessories that add a romantic touch to any look.

“Croissant” Style Jewelry

That’s right; croissants aren’t just for eating! This unique jewelry style is both simple and oh-so-romantic. Try pairing a few of these accessories with a neutral outfit and subtle red lip for a look that’ll make you feel like falling in love!

Beaded Handbags

Give us all the beaded bags! Beaded handbags are eye-catching but elegant at the same time. You’re sure to turn heads with one of these handbags paired with a simple dress.

Medallion Necklaces

Channel the romance vibes of Paris or Rome by incorporating a gold medallion necklace into your outfit. The timeless beauty of these coin necklaces is sure to make an elegant statement, whether you’re going for a simple or bold!

Bandanas and Headscarves

If you’ve ever daydreamed about apple picking in a quaint town somewhere, this is your accessory. This ‘cottage-core’ inspired look is sure to bring a touch of romance to any look! Pair a bandana or headscarf with a fierce outfit to give it a ‘softer’ feel or a simple outfit to give it an extra charming touch.

Woven Handbags

These woven basket-like bags are for more than just holding fruits and grocery shopping. They pair one with an everyday outfit for a classic summer look, which a twist of romance.

Pearl Jewelry

Nothing says romance like pearls! Pearl jewelry has been a symbol of love for generations. Go for the classics, like a simple pearl necklace or earrings, or stand out with a more modern piece! ‘Misshapen’ pearls are all the rave right now and are perfect for giving any look a romantic touch.




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