7 Tips to Successfully Work at Home

With Coronavirus on the rise around the world, many companies have transitioned to Work From Home (WFH), including ours. We are fortunate enough to work from home and do our part to help lessen the spread of COVID-19. It has taken the world by surprise, and the transition to WFH has been rocky for some. For a smooth transition to work from home, follow these seven tips.

Stick to a Set Schedule

To create a typical work environment, it’s essential to stick to a schedule. Working from home doesn’t mean slack off or work overtime. Regular workday hours, to-do lists, and goals are needed for the typical workday. It may seem overwhelming at first creating a strict schedule, but this will allow the most productivity.

Do Not Work From Bed

Working from bed is tempting but never efficient. WFH means transitioning home to office, and that means setting up a workspace. Whether you have a desk, countertop, or even the floor, make sure you have a clear workspace. This is an easy way to soften the transition to WFH.

Get Ready for the Day

Don’t get us wrong, we love a messy top knot and no makeup day, but we’ve noticed that taking a few extra minutes in the morning to change your clothes, shower and maintain part of your morning routine really helps you feel motivated to work from home.

Take Breaks

WFH usually means getting caught up in work, hovering over your laptop for hours and barely getting up from your chair. Take a ten-minute break every few hours to give yourself a hard reset. Make a cup of coffee, walk outside for ten minutes, or call a loved one. By taking a few minutes every hour or two, you reset your mind, keep your energy levels up and you’ll be more productive.

Make Real Meals

Snacking is the biggest WFH issue. Working from home gets too comfortable, so it’s essential to make yourself a good meal. Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the usual times, and minimal snack breaks. If you’re a regular snacker, have healthy snacks readily available in your kitchen like apples, oranges, nuts or veggies.

Open Communication

With no face to face communication right now, oral communication is so important. Make sure that you’re open with your boss, co-workers, and family. For work, make sure you’re sending bi-hourly updates to your boss/work. Communication is more important than ever right now.

Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping your space clean and tidy when no one around sees it can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. But we encourage you to keep your space clean and wipe everything down at the end of the day. A clean space will help you stay productive and your mind clear.



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