7 Tips on Toning Your Personal Style

While they may sound similar, there’s a bit of a difference between the words ‘fashion’ and ‘style.’ Fashion deals with universal trends (what other people are wearing, in a sense) while style is something that’s more your own. As much as we love following the latest trends, there’s something to say for having your own sense of style. Individuality is one of the things we love so much about the fashion world. Of course, you can be fashionable and stylish—a huge part of personal style is looking at current trends and incorporating them into your style in your way.

Your personal style can be anything you want. Maybe you can sum it up in one word like ‘edgy’ or ‘classic’ or ‘boho.’ Or perhaps it’s a combination of a few things. Your style could be a little bit of everything. The best part about having a personal style is that it’s all up to you.

So how does one develop a personal style, you may ask? Finding your own style doesn’t happen overnight. Personal style is all about you and what you like and don’t like. It’s a culmination of all of your fashion choices and habits. And, as you reflect on those fashion choices, you’ll come to know better and refine your style. To make getting started on your personal style journey a little easier, we’ve listed seven tips for toning your style below.

Determine Your Style Icons

As you begin to think about your personal style, a great place to start is with your style icons. Think of a person whose style speaks to you. Maybe it’s Beyonce, or maybe it’s a fictional character like Carrie Bradshaw. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to one style icon. There may be multiple people whose style you identify with and admire.

Make a Moodboard

Finding inspiration is essential to tone your style. After determining your style icons, take it one step further and make a moodboard. While rifling through fashion magazines can be very helpful for some, your moodboard doesn’t need to be physical. Maybe your “moodboard” is a Pinterest board or a saved folder on Instagram of images that stand out to you. Whatever your moodboard is, make sure it’s something you can access quickly and often.

Look at Current Trends

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” She’s right; trends do come and go, but looking at current trends can refine your overall style. Scan trend reports and runway recaps to pick out the trends that speak to you—notice any commonalities? The similarities between the trends you’re drawn to will help you get a better grasp of your style.

Try Something New

Next time you’re out shopping, try on a few pieces that you like, but usually wouldn’t buy. Work on styling in the dressing room to get a feel for how these pieces would work in your wardrobe. Maybe you end up loving them, may you don’t, but either way, trying new things will further tone your personal style.

Switch Up Your Beauty Routine

Typically, when we think of our style, we think of clothing and accessories. But beauty is part of it, too. Your hair and makeup can act as an extension to style. As you start to define your style, consider switching your beauty routine to align with your fashion sense. A new hair cut or a new makeup look can complete your style from head to toe.

Be Inquisitive

As you’re making your way through the previously mentioned steps, ask yourself these questions. Why are your style icons your icons? What do the images in your moodboard have in common? Why do you like the trends you love? 

As you’re getting dressed each morning, think about why you’re putting things together the way you do. As you ask yourself these questions and find their answers, you’ll become more self-aware of your fashion choices. This clarity will allow your personal style to become more intuitive over time.

Trust Your Instinct

Finally, the last step in toning your personal style is going with your gut. Your style should be about what makes YOU happy. If you love something, wear it. If you feel confident in something, wear it. If you find a piece that just screams you, wear it. Your style can be as simple as that! As your sense of style, you’ll find you trust your instinct when it comes to fashion choices are how you dress in a way that showcases your style.



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