7 Sweat-Proof Summer Pieces

Today, we’re going to give you the ultimate summer survival guide on what to wear to avoid those unflattering sweat stains we all despise. Or at least hide them. Even though our deodorant is a blessing during the summer months, the sweat keeps coming, so we’re sharing fashion pieces that will help you beat this summer heat. Follow below for seven sweat-proof summer pieces! You can thank us later!


Although silk and satin aren’t ideal fabrics for sweat, we believe you could still get away with it! Thankfully spaghetti strap dresses are always in during the summertime, which gives you a little freedom and less sweat. No sleeves, no problem!


Legend says wearing bold prints, and color can cover up those unwanted sweat stains. If you’re self-conscious but still want to show off that new blouse you’ve been DYING to wear out, this trick might be for you.


It’s time to forget about those sweatpants and swap them for biker shorts. Sweatpants were so last quarantine. With the heat kickin’ in, it’s time for the biker shorts to shine once again. These are our go-to for any occasion this summer, so we highly recommend it. Spandex or dry-fit ones would be best for anti-sweat!


Linen everything. Another fabric that’s great for anti-sweat is linen! The material itself is super airy and moveable, so you’ll be feeling the breeze all day. The best part is you can mix and match or go for the matching set!


Here’s an easy idea to stay trendy while not feeling like you’re overheating. Corset tops have made a huge comeback, and thankfully, I think we can all agree that they’re more comfortable today than back in the 1800s. Even better, you can adjust them as you’d like and keep comfortable all day!


One of our favs! Turning a vintage scarf into a top has to be the easiest and breezy way of fashion. With the thin material and very versatile ways of tying them, we know these will leave you calm and cool from day to night.


Halter tops are the go-to all summer long and save you the trouble of being self-conscious. We suggest finding a comfy and somewhat thin material when looking into one of these. That way, you’ll stay comfortable and sweat-free while showing off your style!




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