7 Skills That Make You a Good Employee

It’s not enough to land the job and then coast through the responsibilities. To help your boss and the company that you’re working for, you need to be a good employee. What makes a good employee? Well, that’s where we come into play. Based on research and personal experiences, there are seven skills that make you a good employee.

Good Communication

The number one skill that makes you a good employee is excellent communication. At any job, you need good verbal, written, and listening skills. As an employee, it is essential to be able to explain ideas clearly, and also take in information actively. Without the ability for good communication, you can not be a good employee.


Workdays sometimes don’t go as planned, so adaptability is needed. Deadlines get pushed up, to-do lists altered, and sometimes it’s essential to stay late in the office to finish the workload. A good employee is adaptable to the needs of their boss and company.


Reliability, dependability, self-sufficient; however it’s phrased, it’s key to being a good employee. A good employee is in the office before their set time and is productive with minimal supervision. A boss typically does not hover a good employee, they get their work done, and they are always reliable.


No matter the job, working with other people is a basic requirement. To be a good employee, being a team player is a must. Brainstorm with other employees, ask/offer help, and communicating with coworkers are easy ways to be a team player. Plus, being a team player makes the job more enjoyable and helps promote a positive work environment.

Positive Attitude

Mental state is a major player when it comes to being a good employee. Positivity and a smile won’t get the job done, but it does help productivity. The way an employee looks at tasks affects how fast it gets done and how well the job is completed. Plus, having a positive attitude will help support office morale, and coworkers will be open to working together.

Taking Responsibility

It’s a fact of life that everyone messes up, and there’s not an exception when it comes to working. Even the best employees screw up, but what makes them a good employee is taking responsibility for their mistakes. As an employee, if an error is made, it’s critical to be transparent. Bosses and coworkers appreciate when responsibility is taken for wrong actions.

Leadership/Organizational Skills

There are many forms of leadership in the workplace, and a good employee finds their role. Taking the lead on a new project, overseeing interns, or organizing a meeting are all small ways to show leadership. Along with leadership, organizational skills are a soft skill that makes a great employee. All good employees have an organizational system that they follow that helps them be the most efficient at their jobs.




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